Avoiding Redux and WBC_importer themecheck problems



I’ve been embedding redux and wbc_importer into my themes and its causing a lot of soft rejections and headaches due to themecheck errors. I was just curious as to what you guys do about this problem. Am i best off using Redux as a bundled plugin rather than embedding it ?

Also the wbc_importer one click demo importer ive been using is causing a lot of themecheck issues aswell. Are there any good alternatives ?




Just move it to plugin :wink:


Thanks. Is there a way to use wbc_importer when using redux as a plugin ?


I did not used wbc_importer but I use Redux always as plugin


Having the same trouble. I moved redux out as a plugin but wbc_importer still causing trouble. The main problem is the use of file_get_contents and I can’t get wp_remote_get to work as a substitute.

Did you perhaps figure it out?


I believe I added the importer as a plugin also.


How you added it’s as plugin?? Help me, please! I have the same problem


@elusivethemes Please let me know how you made plugin on WBC importer. @BornThemes Have you figured out anyway for this? @adwest Have you found solution for this?

I am facing the same issue.