AVG access items

what is the average access to your tracks visible from analytics tab?
I see very few accesses, even less than one a day.
How to increase them?
I wonder how the top envato authors can sell hundreds of tracks a month if mine are not even reached?

thanks for help!


Try social media - create fanpage and then create paid advert. You can also upload videos on YouTube with your watermarked music. Create short link to your music via Bitly for example and take a piece of cardboard, write the link on cardboard, go near crossing and show it to the drivers that are waiting on light or stuck in traffic.

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ok I agree but witch is the role of Audiojungle ?

Might make more $$$ if he just cleaned their windows.

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Why not both?

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…but for example, I posted a “corporate” song a few days ago.
After a few hours immediately a sale. then Stop!!
stop sales and stop accesses ??
I repeat I do not understand how it works !!

same behavior with other tracks…

One word explains everything:


are you sure? How can you compete if your title arrives on 5th or 6th page?

Well, that’s what I said…

Your sales stop because of high competition.

I do not agree.
This is my opinion and reasoning. I hope to be clear.

I simulate a customer in this exercise…

  1. Go to search / Music / corporate (for example)
  2. Sort by: Newest Item.
  3. My song “Team Enthusiasm” arrives on page 17.
  4. Each page contains 30 tracks.

Well, then mine arrives after 17 * 30 = 510 tracks. (wow!!)

  1. considering that it was approved 5 days ago and the total tracks with category “corporate” (in the left menu) is 96897, are we sure that in 5 days have been loaded 510 track?

Well no!!! now I would like to understand better.

I would say that the order does not work and love music will always come too late to be even seen.


If you sort by newest item and your track is on page 17, then yes… it has been replaced by newer items. that’s how quick it happens. you’re lucky to get a day on the front page, if that!

What is unclear exactly?

125 new corporate tracks were approved today (in the last 24 hours). That means a new track would be on page 1 for less than 6 hours.

This last week 585 new corporate tracks were approved.

There’s nothing to “agree” with. Those are the numbers. That is what I meant with “competition”.

Audiojungle is a market place. They expose your tracks to thousands of customers all around the world. That is their role.

Never thought that corporate is so much crowded. Then every 12 minutes you will find a new corporate music in the jungle. :frowning:

I think it’s not worth working on …

maybe making new corporate tracks doesn’t make sense anymore
But you can always try for different genres.

yes I agree…

perhaps a greater selection would be needed :slight_smile:

If you want to be on the first page of search for a long time and you are frightened by the number of new tracks, then you should focus on the quality. If your track sells several times in a week. That is high probability that it will be sold further with a good rate. You need to make the sound at times better than competitors, only then you will have sales growth and success. I wish you all the best!

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