Average amount of daily hits/page views a track might get?

Hi everyone!

I was hoping to get some insight into the daily hits/page views the average track might get. I’m new to stock music (started late last year), and I have a library of about 40 tracks at a competing site. I’ve only just started to upload on an exclusive basis at AJ.

Currently, my one and only track here has had between 50 - 80 hits daily hits, 201 total hits and 84 unique hits just in the last couple of days. I’m wondering if the average track sees this kind of attention? Is this a high or low number? For comparison, my best selling track on another library has only had 15 views total! I realise this number will vary depending on a lot of factors, but I’d appreciate any sort of insight!

Thanks everyone, really looking forward to being part of this community!

Hi there,

50 - 80 seams to be a pretty high number of views per day.
For me for new items I usually get 15-20 views in the first day maybe 10 in the second and 4 in the third.
So your page view seams to be pretty high at least comparing with me.

But remember if you are entering to listen your track several times your clicks appears in the counter

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Thanks @DynaMIC-Sound-Produc - I’ve been trying not to check the analytics page too often so my visits aren’t counted! Thanks for your reply, appreciate it!

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