Author does not respond to comments or support requests

The Author balambasik has not respondeed to several comments and supoport request from several of his plugins. I have purchased and the plugin is Broken and does not work. Javascript errors etc. I wish to get the product purchased working but I can’t get support from the Author and i bet requesting a refund will take ages. Surely Evanto has rules and regulations regarding this as they are sellers on there store not offering whats paid for “Working Product & Support”

The item is compatible with WordPress 5.2. This could solve your problem

Well that won’t solve me problem at all. :p.

I have just checked the item details as this was your comments “This plugin does not work with Wordpress 5.5”

The plugin is marked as supported by WordPress 5.2 and it’s not really authors’ fault as WordPress 5.5 doesn’t work properly with the most of the themes/plugins. I don’t think you will be able to get the refund as everything is clear on the item page

Its OK. I’ll mess around with it. Was a cheapo. I’m currently supported as it is a recent purchase

Hi @D3FCON81,

I have checked the commnets you have posted 3 commnets and mention the issues but didn’t asked them support. Please ask them support in the comments and mention details the issues you are facing. I surprised why author didn’t reply you when you posted first comments 4 days ago. I believe as an author @balambasik will assist you soon.

Also you can ask them support directly from here:


Thankyou. I have checked the authored other plugins and there are some long standing u responded to messages

It’s quite obvious the plugin/s are abandoned and so is the author. My purchase entitles me to support. Yet i won’t be getting any because the Author is non existent. My first comment was 6 days ago, Still no reply. I had used the support ticket the day after with no reply. I have also tested on 5.2 and it does not work.

Surely all of this calls for a Refund. By any rule or regulation. My refund request to the Author will also go un-replied. IMO his plugins should be pulled from the market

It has now been over 1 weeks since my support request has gone un answered and the comment section of the plugins discussions have gone un-responded to. Refunds need to be issued if i am not getting any support or responses from the Author and i have purchased an item with support.

You can request a refund here
Here is all the information about refunds:
Envato Market Refund Rules.