Audiojungle - Staff asked 2 little changes in my song and then hard rejected it? is there too much coffee in your office?


Staff wrote only to low an instrument volume and to delete a final silence.
So I’ve done it.

After 1 our, on the SAME SONG, i received an hard reject. without explainations.

Well done, staff. Yu’re lucky because you can waste your time, not the same for me :*


Might have been a mistake. Upload it again, and put a little note saying what happened.


+1. I don’t think they intend to set up an author for reject like that. Must be a mistake. I agree with ToivoMedia.


I always agree with ToivoMedia :slight_smile:


Hi ,
nice composition!
To me, the orchestral samples used sounds unrealistic and fake. I would either use other samples or make it sound like a track from the eighties with synth strings and brass. Now its something in between.
Maybe also shorten the ending note a bit and make sure all instruments stop at the same time?
And also, what usage did you have in mind for this track? Now it sounds like a short music track or a bit too long ident/logo to me. If its meant for background music, maybe lenghten the track closer to 2 minutes or longer. If its meant as a logo I would have cut it in half halfway through and made to logos out of it. All this is just my opinion, of course! :slight_smile:


Samples are bad, or may be programming is bad or both. You can shorten it and create logo/ident.


People ,why did you steal the man’s thread?


Sorry, @laboo. Hope you get this solved!


Martin, maybe u are right but that maybe also due t the fact that normally we do not have to face the same reviewer after a soft reject which basically means that the concerned item may not be looking as attractive or interesting to some one else, ket’s not forget that there’s something a bit artistic in what we all do and offer here … and this which belongs to feelings too …


In such resubmissions put a note for the reviewer, something like: “Hi, I did what you said…its really way better now…”


Just to make sure - did you resubmit the “pending file” or submitted it again as a new file?


After 1 hour