ASmallOrange VPS down for 3 days. Any recommendations?

As of posting this my VPS has been down for 3 straight days. This is just ridiuclous and way beyond acceptable downtime.

So when it comes back up I will be moving my websites.

Can anyone recommend a good VPS host with solid speeds and better than 20% uptime :grin:

Primarily host WordPress and OpenCart sites.

Same here.
I’m also thinking to moving away from ASO. Such long downtime is unacceptable.

Same here also :frowning:

I was hoping to end the year on a high, but this downtime has killed my sales :frowning:

We’re using Bluehost, 0 downtime in the past 6 months and really fast.

Well, another cool thing is the support. Live chat in less than a minute, 24/24.

Was a bluethost pro user for a few years, but the speed was quite poor and the service was even worse which is why I moved to ASO :slight_smile:

I am using DO (digitalocean)

but thought of moving to ASO as they are also giving cpanel but 3days of downtime is un-acceptable.

you never go wrong with DO…if you know how to manage server and have time to experiment with it

but you will learn a lot

As someone who really isnt clued up on servers and all that jazz, I bet I could go very wrong with DO.

Still, if you know what your doing then DO has always been a great deal, thats for sure!

thats partly true and wanted to mention that first

but recently they providing images for every solution

so if you select LAMP on ubuntu while creating server then you will have almost everything ready for you

and you can use SSH or filezilla.

BTW, if you use then it makes things much more easier

This is absolutely horrible. I’ve had a lot of problems with my asmallorange VPS in the last half a year or so, but this one takes the cake. My server has been down for more than four days now, and they don’t even bother replying to my tickets anymore. Also, their live chat is not working as well.

I find that their support has always been lacking, and I’ve had outages for up to 48 hours in the past, before somebody jumped in and helped me out. What happened to these guys; they used to be good?

Does anybody know a managed VPS solution, just like what asmallorange offers, but of better quality and support, of course? I don’t want to sign up with Digital Ocean or Bluehost though; I am looking for something else.

Thanks guys!

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Use DO guys. It’s a lot better :slight_smile:

We pay almost 38 bucks a month for ASO VPS. It’s ridiculous, they were great at first, but they have been getting worse and worse over time. Time to move to another hosting company, ASO has become DreamHost with prices on steroids :smiley:

Oh, and if you miss a payment by 14 days, be prepared to pay a $150 fee in order to have your website restored. For a $30/month hosting, with a $10 fee for being one week late with your payment, that’s a crappy policy IMO. I hate them…

I also pay more than $40 a month. But let’s talk alternatives. What are the best out there, except for the mentioned ones (DigitalOcean and Bluehost)? I don’t have good experiences with Bluehost, but I’ve never tried DO, and I need a managed server. What are my options?

Yeah it is a sad state of affairs. My VPS is still down. Their twitter poster should be fired.

Sometimes I can go 3-4 days without accessing my VPS and at least 50% of the time it is down when I am trying to work.

It started so great with ASO. its a damn shame how they have turned out.

I would love to go with WPEngine but at $99 a month and only for WP its a bit steep as I would need other hosting for non WP sites.

I am in the same boat guys, 6 days and sites are still down… I have started shifting to digital ocean. Once sites are up, I am getting the backups and getting the hell out of there.

Finally, my VPS is up now after 6 days.
I think they are fixing the servers one by one.

I have 36 hours outage over the weekend on ASmallOrange, and again 30 minutes ago. This month my server was down for 10% of the time, 3% last month. In the first year it was great, with months without even smallest downtimes, last 6 months are horrible. And still not PHP7, no new Apache, no HHVM option and no plans to add these in the next 6-7 months.

I plan to move to Siteground next month. It is 20% more money for similar setup, but with PHP7 and HHVM, managed servers. I have no idea if it is as good as the reviews and comments I have read make it too be, but ASmallOrange is not a viable hosting any more.

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I still have 2 VPS with ASO, but I decided to remove my theme previews from there 6 weeks ago (smart decision it seems). Too much trouble with those guys really…
I’m currently using Siteground and I’m happy so far. Zero downtime and speed seems to be good. Any other Siteground users with different experiences?

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Awesome. Do you know if they offer free or paid migration from a different host? I am so busy these days, I can’t find the time to do that myself. Thanks, man!

EDIT: Also, which package are you on? :slight_smile:

They have free migration from one domain only. Please notice that I decided to don’t use any VPS for now… So they just migrated the cPanel content from one side to the other. Currently I’m with a shared hosting plan: Grow Big ( ).
You can test the server if open a preview from one of my themes (ex: ).
Their support is fast and solid (so far!).


Are all your demos on this plan?

Im also looking for alternatives so I can move as soon as I can access my data again.