A Small Orange VPS are down..

Now I know there are plenty of authors here staging their theme demos on ASO.

Glad it’s happening on the weekend…

ThemeForest staff - please don’t soft disable items because of this outage - it’s out of our hands… Hopefully back up soon!

a small orange is probably the worst hosting company I have ever used, after dream host. 37 bucks per month for crappy services.

Same here now. 4 days down. I can’t even move to another hosting, because all services are unavailable.

I’m also disappointed with ASO at the moment and don’t know when the servers will be up.
You can check the status here: https://status.asmallorange.com

This is unacceptable! Thank you for letting us know. I’ve experienced a lot of downtime on my VPS server this year. Now I’ve decided to leave ASO early next year.

Truly ridiculous situation, how can they allow 4days! outage on cloud service? And still not solved…

And here is a joke right from their website: “Our integrated automatic failover and hot migration tools make our Cloud VPS environment virtually impervious to hardware failures. Due to there being no single point of failure, we are able to provide you with near 100% uptime and availability.” LOL

We were so lucky to get VPS up after first 12 hours (Yes, now 12 hours of server downtime seems very lucky!) Feel so bad for authors still affected.

Always have full backups on your computer to transfer to another host just in case. And when releasing a new product, make sure demo is hosted on second server as well, even on some cheap shared hosting account, still much better than days of outage.

This is ridiculous so say the least. The problems started early this year and keep on getting worst… Since October I don’t think that 10 days have passed without some outage time. I’m happy that I took my theme demos from there 5 weeks ago.
Refunds? Yes, sure they give, but in the form of credit to use on their website. Small problem: nobody wants that.

Wow - just coming back from a 1-week camping trip with no phone reception - only to find out that all my websites have been offline for 6 full days and ASO is now the laughing stock on Twitter…

Anybody recommend a good host to move to? Heard good things about WiredTree…