Themeforest Down Again

Themeforest is not loading for more than 3 hours, what’s going on?

We have a payed Facebook and other campaigns promoting our theme and people are arriving at a dead link, we are losing money on marketing and on potential purchases.

working fine here, could just be an issue on your end, if Themeforest was down there would be a lot of posts on here and on twitter.

Try deleting your cookies and history, rebooting your browser and also reset your modem

The marketplaces are under maintenance due to some error that appeared. You can check the status and subscribe for updates to over on Envato Status. Cheers!

PS: I’m in pain for them being offline too.

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What happened? Is it DDoS attack or Something else? Disk space not a issue for full site down.

Seems to be down again!

Uncertain to what has happened, but they’re working as hard as possible to solve everything. At the moment I have no information or details as to exactly what happened. I can certainly tell you that Envato Status will keep you updated on the matter! :slight_smile:

Enjoy Real Madrid vs Legia Warszawa :slight_smile:

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We have prime-time online campaigns going right now and we are losing a ton of unique visitors, this is quite frankly - ridiculous.

Envato should use the money they earn from everybody’s work here and buy proper disk/cloud space so this doesn’t happen again. We feel weird actually writing this basic stuff here.

Relax mate, these things happen to companies the size of Facebook, that have billions and billions of dollars, they can happen to Envato as well. I got hit in a similar campaign and I still understand that this is a hazard. It can happen to anyone.

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This is very disappointing situation, feel your pain. I don’t think this is disk space issue. As a big marketplace, this is unprofessional talk that Disk space issue.

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Market Up again. :slight_smile: Uploading Features Disable :frowning:


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Everything seems to be fine now.

Nope. Uploading facility disable still now.

The Devs are still working on the item upload issues. We’ll have it back a running as quickly as we can. Thanks!


Still Waiting … :frowning:

Item uploads have now been re-enabled across all sites. We’ll continue to monitor the situation. Thanks for your patience everyone and sorry for the downtime!


Hi folks,

As a result of last week’s incident, we’ve decided to publish a public post-mortem report discussing what went wrong, and what we’re doing to keep it from happening again. If you’re interested, you can find it here:


We love it when Envato is transparent and we really really want more of these updates! Cheers guys, and thanks for letting us know what happened! :slight_smile:

It’s down again :frowning: