502 Bad Gateway

ThemeForest is down - getting 502 Bad Gateway - Need to purchase a theme. Envato - any updates?


same here :frowning:

Same! :scream: Any idea how long it will take?

Same here :frowning:

AudioJungle is also non-operational

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same here )


The all network is down at the moment. Check it back like in few hours

Same on Videohive…

same on GR… shame

Should be some update on the server, let’s wait. :wink:

This is going on far to long. Only feedback I see is on twitter.

Same problem for the last 4 hours. Still now 502 bad gateway. Sometimes site is coming and sometimes not.

Exactly same here, problems for at least 8 hours now. Impossible to get access to product page.

We lose sales. error 502

LOL )))
All good now )))

The site is loaded, one time. And a second time error 502

Access Denied

You don’t have permission to access “http://codecanyon.net/author_dashboard” on this server.
Reference #18.3f895c4d.1491765022.449a2d92

At least there aren’t any promotion banners for Elements on the 502 page. :grin:

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but I wonder if it comes in this point , the buyer, seeing that he could not go to the site it goes to another platform ?
To another site for buying ?

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@WildLion_Production While error 502 we see, accidentally)) This is a breakdown after the test, I think so))