Anyone Using ASmallOrange?

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On the old forum there are lots of users that are using asmallorange and has pretty much good review. I’ve been using it also and I just realized the phpmail is NOT working. Do you have any solution? Tried the SMTP version but still not working. There server sucks now! I know!

Looking forward for positive response. Thanks!


It works great for me. Check out with their support what can be the problem, they are very helpful and they will solve any issues you have. I have VPS at ASmallOrange for almost 2 years now, and it is best hosting I have ever used.

I have VPS also, tried chat support and email support. They both can’t seems to solved the issue. Are you sure phpmail is working on your end? Are you using SMTP because they said that phpmail function is not working throughout there servers. Thanks!


i can confirm as well that phpmail is working on my VPS.

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Really? Then they’re not telling the truth? This is not good. I don’t know how they have to lie about it. I’m waiting for the support reply since the chat support cannot do anything. Thanks for confirming though, now I know I can’t trust them.


Depending on your server type (what server template you used for VPS) some functions might not be available, but that is not ASO related, and that is why they maybe told you that php mail is not working. Also, you maybe disabled mail feature on server.

I recently had slow speed issues on ASO and so switched to Fastcomet

Will check it. I’m having a lot of trouble with ASO lately, slow server is one of them. Thanks!

For those complaining about slow ASO servers, it’s important to realise that with a VPS, which is typically unmanaged, it’s your own responsibility to maintain and optimise this server. ASO will simply provide you with a server on their infrastructure. If you end up having speed issues, you will need to either better maintain your server, or alternatively, upgrade your ASO package and include services where ASO engineers will do this for you.

Moving to another host might temporarily fix the speed issue, but the same principe applies. Unless you’re paying for a managed solution, it’s your own job to maintain and optimise your server.

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