Are this product will get approved now on theme forest?

Before few months i first time publish my project on theme forest and get a HARD reject.
They rejected it’s because of some internal error on my theme.
I fixed all error of my theme and it’s has beeen re-designed .
I tested with wp debug and wp theme tester.
You can take a live look on here :

My problem is in that box or i’m using old design?
Give me some idea to improve my theme if it’s needed.
If i submit it on theme forest now! are it’s will be get approved?

With respect:

  • this concept is not really suitable for this type of marketplace

  • you can’t use trademarked and copyrighted assets and images

  • the design and execution is a long way from the standards e.g typography is basic and inconsistent, needs multiple options/layouts for games and apps, missing pages such as register/login/about/contact/individual app/game etc.

I am sorry but you will not get approved.

I think you answered by asking the questions.

Old design, bad UI, and everything else…

Please check out the latest submisions on themeforest to see what I approved this days you will see the difference.