Is it ready for themeforest?

Dear Authors and Reviewers,

Is our landing page ready for ThemeForest?

I’d love to hear and please advise me as it is my first wordpress landing page.

Thanks in advance.

I think you can submit on the Market :slight_smile:
Best of luck

Thank you so much.


Hello @unlockdesign, I submitted it to TF but after few hours I got rejected

Could you please help me what should I do. Not sure but I’m trying hard from last few years for TF.

Please help!!

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I think that your themes is basic, your need practice more for approved it.


I don’t know why it’s rejected But Keep patience Try more. Research more about app landing template hope will approved.
But Don’t Fret.

Best of luck


@jeriteam007, could you please advise what type of content I work more as it is APP landing page? I see many app landing page and see TF approve even less content. and also see my design is also different that common app landing page.

Please help me.

I did lots of work for security features and other latest compatibility issues for TF and submit it again.

Here is my all ready demo

You can see my code here

after all this update I submit it again and got another hard reject. could you please help!!!


Am I wrong or your team uploaded into a public github repository? :eyes:

Do you know that anyone can/will take it from there, right? :slight_smile:

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@ThemeSLR, good advise but I’m not sure how to show my code to community author expert. Many author says my design look good and professional. So I guess, our theme coding may be not standard as needed. That’s why I make git public. when TF approve our theme, we’ll make it private.

Please advise what should I do.

If you theme passes the tests from the Envato Theme Check plugin, then most probably the rejection reason is not the code.

In 99% of the cases the design is the main rejection reason.

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@ThemeSLR, Thank you so much for your great information. In last submission I had 4 warning in Envato Theme Check and now I’ve solved those as well and now no error or warning.

Could you please let me know about the design. I’ve made 10 demos using my theme.

and all demos has one click demo installer. I think few demos here are unique as well. Could you please advise if I’m ready to resubmit?


As I understand, this will be a multipurpose theme, right?

If so, do you have any landing page where you present all your 10 demos?

As I see from all of the 10x demos is missing that premium feeling. So you re-check the spacing, fonts, color combinations and also animations (make them more subtle) they seems to be overused.

I would give you some explicit feedback, but I can’t do it for all of your 10x demos. You can choose 1 demo so I can take a look and give you some specific feedback.


Thank you so much @ThemeSLR. Yes, you got me right. I did a simple landing page here to show all 10 demos. let me know if I need to work this as well.

also, please please please provide some explicit feedback of my 2 types(one page landing page, multipage site) demo.

One page landing site:

Multipurpose demo: or you’d like.

Thank you again

Here, You have need to improve typography. use unique fonts. Something like -

also, Here, You have need to improve your gradient color. For example, Here, You have use blue & Green gradient in first section(below header). also, You have use it same gradient in button. So, there, have looks is not good. You have need to improvement color combination. Please check popular item for compare to your design. So, You will get idea.

You can check it out landing page design here -

Hope, this help.

Thank you @HarnishDesign, I hope this will help us lot.

@ThemeSLR, please provide us some explicit feedback based on the site I mentioned above.



@Ben-S, please let me know what you mean?


they not accept deprecated models anymore, there is +99 models look like yours, they accept something new & creative

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