I already submit Themeforest. What you think if accepted or rejected my themes?

demo: http://jeriithemes.tk/AleSmith/

I already submit category adobe muse my themes in tf

It’s accepted or rejected? I wait 7 days more for know it :frowning:


p.s : I think that rejected :frowning:

Sorry but yes I think it will be rejected.

  • Numerous issues with typography, spacing, alignment etc.

  • About image is not cut out well and pixellated

  • Zero alignment between titles, copy and contact details or button

  • Work hover state is not great and none of the items link anywhere

  • It’s not responsive and messy on mobile

  • Generally the design is too basic and needs a lot more to it plus something different to make it stand out

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Thankssssss, What I can fix it?
Or I removing my submit and fix better my themes?

I think that I make new all pages as professional, sorry I worng add too basic my pages

I don’t think it is worth trying to save this one - you basically need to work on just about every aspect so it is better to start with a blank canvas

But my mistake I made fast work is seen as basic, I can work many more days before sending .psd for TF I have to post here, do you agree?

Its up to you but by posting demos here you get feedback before submission and prevent potentially wasted time.