Why got my theme rejected??

Hi Guys,

I just created this Portfolio theme in Adobe Muse, but somehow it got rejected by ThemeForest.


Could you guys maybe give me some pointers what might be the issue here.
Because they could not give me a specific reason.

Thanks in advance.

Your design is not really good . Please see other approved items to see the standards. You have a lot to work on this one, maybe try to find a designer to help you.

Thx for your reply,…
Is it possible that you could give me some pointers here?
Is it the overall? or textwise? colour wise?

Sorry but everything needs changing and yo would be better off starting over with something new.

  • the basics have issues including typography, spacing, alignment etc.

  • Validation issues

  • navigation moves offscreen

  • Don’t use famous brand trademarks

  • A lot of empty white space

  • Design is not really premium and feels unfinished

  • Lacks premium or unique features

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Oke,… Thank you for reply…

Will head back to the lab.
I guess the best thing to do first is let you guys check my work out first!
In that way I can learn much more!


im goona tell you what i saw , the percentage value not positioned well (80% of photoshop jump to adobe muse bar and 100% of adobe muse jump to last bar and 75 % its alone!) and big gray space in left and right on contact section
Good luck

It is a very basic design, you definitely have to talk to your designer or look for one that you can provide a good design.

We also have to make good practices in terms of code on your part as there are some conflicts when you slide the mouse and of course the issue of validation.

Good luck