Ready for TF ? Created a new theme after 3 hard rejections

Well - its a long story i am trying to get accepted from last 6-7 Months. I have submitted my three themes, all got hard rejection. Now i have created a new one here is demo :

I am going to submit it, can you guys please help me out by letting me know is it ready for TF now ? please let me know, even single line will help me.


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looking great mr @themecoaster

The concept is very cool. You might need to think about adding portfolio item details and maybe about how/if possible to have a blog (this is WP after all and it may be expected).

Again the idea is cool and HTML I owuld say is definitely ready but WP you need to make sure it fits the platform and that all submission requirements are met.

Good luck

What’s the relationship between your “new item” and this TF item?

Thanks, All.

@charlie4282 Thanks for your suggestion. I will surely update my portfolio section. Yes, we got a blog page too. May be i should add up in demo too.

@Theme_Paradise We are partners. Do you think it will give us any edge, that our HTML already approved ?

If you really have permission to develop wp theme based on original html template, then that clearly can give you some edge.

Yes, i have it. Can you please answer my last question. Should i mention it to reviewer while submitting this theme ? that i have converted this template with permission ?

Nice work m8 :wink:

Some images are not displayng propely , and there are some minor bugs with scrooling with opera browser.

Thanks :smile:

Yea, there is some issue with migration, will take care of it :slight_smile:

Yes, such partnership must be notified to Envato using support ticket. Author of original item must submit a support ticket that he is allowing you to build wp theme based on his item. Important here: item name & link and your username (themecoaster) must be in that ticket. Then item author will have ticket id and send it to you. You must mention this ticket in the comment when you’re submitting wordpress theme, otherwise you’ll be soft-rejected.

Thank you :smile:
Any one else want to do comment on it ?

Some images are not displaying, for example on the HOBBIES page.

Actually a lot of images don’t load :smile:

Also, after clicking the NEXT PAGE arrow on the HOBBIES page, the SEMINAR page doesn’t load.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Beside that what you say about the theme ?

I like it it’s nice and clean, and having the HTML approved helps a lot I think It would be good to state that in the Message to reviewer I think, just to be on the safe side .

I am really hopeful too.


Make sure that the WP theme looks exactly like the approved html version.

I don’t think its necessary to have exactly same. Does any one else think like that ?