Why my theme it was Rejected?

Why my theme it was rejected? Below link:


Do you have any ideas for improvement? What is it so wrong?

Thank you for all answer :).

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Daniel Domżalski

Sorry but with respect you are nowhere near the standard for here.

Everything needs to change from basics like spacing, margins, alignment and especially typography to modernizing and improving the design itself.

For what it’s worth you are not allowed to use trademarks or copyrighted product shots e.g. the cameras etc.

Look at the big selling items on Themeforest and consider the level of quality and attention to detail

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Thank you for the hints. Even so, I do not know why others have approved projects with trademarks.
That margins i should use? why me are bad?

Very much I like to sell on ThemeForest. For prestashop addons no problems with the approval of my templates.

Thank you.

I’m sure people do put those logos and product sin but it’s still against guidelines.

In all honesty that is the least of your problems though…

  • Home page products are all aligned to the left leaving empty space to the right

  • overhaul ALL typography, font choices, and hierarchy

  • keep relevant products in categories e.g. games console and avoid empty categories

  • re think the massive empty white space around the category page titles

  • all the T&Cs, about etc. pages feel very unfinished and empty

  • think attention to detail le.g. tv’s don’t come in different colours so you don;t need the swatches. This may seem petty and irrelevant but it is that level of quality and thought which sets envato standards apart

The issue is if you don’t modernise and improve the general concept and design then making these smaller edits will not help

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You have to work on design, but also you have to read envato standards and requirements. What is forbidden. From typography, spaces, demo images etc.

But most important thing on envato is design. It has to be perfect, if you want to be accepted by envato.