Are reviewers rejecting the potential of sales?

Recently, it’s kinda impossible for me to have any item published, no matter what. I was quite satisfied with the old reviewers, but obviously not the new ones. So, are they rejecting it because the item has no potential of converting into sales or the reviewer doesn’t like it but it could’ve brought sales? I have some examples to show, but I really want to know the answer. It’s really demotivating for me. I know it would be nothing for the company if I don’t work for it, but it is currently my only way.

We are all going through a hard time, and I am. Even if one of my items brings at least one sale, then it is a great help for me to complete the minimum payment threshold.

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Fun fact: it was never approved.

This time is very difficult approved, your design need more improved and professional 100% unique (not have same item in graphicriver), I too was hard rejected my any designs but not all.

You clearly missed the point here, and there is no limit to improvement, 100 people can look at it and improve it 100 times in their ways. There are thousands of items in the market that have had no sales ever. 4 of my rejected items brought me 15 sales and that is a lot for me. That is the point here, are the reviewers or the quality team actually aware of their customer’s demands, and what they actually buy?

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Yes, rewiewers demands for your quality designs (spacing, typography, etc) for approved or hard rejected.

Not unique reviewers of graphicriver, it’s all marketplace of envato (themeforest, graphicriver, videohive, etc) demands designs

Do you know why designs are demands in envato?
Because if buyer download any design file some errors (spacing, typography, etc) not good quality than buyers will to claim in envato not good designs. do you understand me?

I not like much to job in other marketplace like templatemonster because approved any quality (good or bad quality) but not earning sales. Much better in envato because you can learning more practice for design future approved.

Out of interest how does that work? If they were rejected then how did they sell? they are for sale now though right

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You upload preview design for we can help you.

When there are close to 15,000 business cards for sale I suspect that there is not definitive insight available as to what buyers are buying/want in particular.

It does not benefit any marketplace to just approve any design that is ok, and the only sensible approach is what envato use which is to look for flawless design, originality, etc.

Given the volume of submissions envato get esp. in this category (people wrongly assume if it’s smaller and more basic then it is easier to get approved) then there will always need to be a level of subjectivity and there will always be items that get through which perhaps should not but there is not a marketplace out there in the scale of envato where that would not happen.


@charlie4282 Yes, I am agree with you.

You’d call that a forbidden experiment. I went beyond that. One of my items wasn’t doing so well after a month, it was approved straight away though. So, I replaced it with a rejected one to see how it does. I let the support know about it while knowing I could face a ban or something, and then they changed the category and URL.

I can understand that, about not having a certain prospect or insight. But it’s not just about one category or the volume. I also respect Envato for keeping their market containing the availability of only flawless, well-executed, original designs. But it’s kinda thing of the past. It’s easy to realize if you explore the newly released items of certain categories I work in.

As I mentioned 4 items, 3 of them were approved by another member of the quality team. They were held for further review and approved later.

Now, it raises a question should I design for the reviewers or the customers?


obvious for buyers.

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Sorry to say, I think you misunderstood the whole thing, mate. It’s not about the customers who give reviews on products after purchasing. I’m talking about the reviewers who review our items before approving them on market to get published.

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I aggree with you, reviewer should read this post!. just follow the the guideline about the technis.

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