AI spam on the forums

@BenLeong … do we have problem on the forum? :slight_smile: (read the post above, and see my screen).

I see (with naked eye) another two AI generated texts in this topic only and more of them across the forum. New profiles (max few days old) and …

Or I am like…
Screenshot 2023-03-28 at 23-56-09 foil hat - Google Search

is this invasion?

Jokes aside - someone should take a closer look.


I used this detector → But there are others too. This one claims 98% accuracy. My suggestion is → maybe use some AI detector plugin on the forum to check every post if it is not AI.

Peace :slight_smile:

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It’s absolutely feeling like an invasion :joy:

I suspect that all existing anti-spam measures are struggling to keep up with the wave of ChatGPT-style bot accounts at the moment - our forum runs on widely-used open source software, which will be a common target for these.

We pick up a lot of these accounts before they post, but we’re seeing more of them getting through each week - please report these if you see more of them, and the Mod team, @kingdog and I can remove those accounts.