Spamming of my site...

Since I cannot seem to find a way to contact Envato directly. I am getting continuous spam comments from someone sharing the link (removed) that forward to codecanyon. I don’t care who it is, but it’s aggravating and this user needs to be reprimanded, banned, or something. I’m sure I’m not the only user who is getting this mess.

Flagged it to staff - is this spam to your site or to an item page on here?

if you send me the users name by private message I will pass it on to them.

reported a few recently Charlie but seems to be some “seo” spammers who just mass spam users from their contact form with a link to an item on codecanyon… It could be the author doing it / paying for it as it seems to be newer items, but all the links have the affiliate url (?user=somename). I have had it on 2 of my accounts which 1 is active (this one) and one that has never posted on the forums.

Ok cheers for the heads up @Gareth_Gillman I think I know who you mean but will ask envato to look at it

This is spam on my site, via comments. I do believe Gareth is correct. It’s most likely seo spammers. Just wanted to make someone aware.

Unfortunately if it is on your actual website then there is not a huge amount that envato can will be able to do about it.

Install an antispam plugin.