Urgent, someone is reporting comments on our items!

There are users who are reporting comments on our item page before we even answer.

Check this out: https://codecanyon.net/item/wowonder-the-ultimate-php-social-network-platform/13785302/comments

How to stop this madness? why even Envato allow other users to report comments on author’s item page?!

I already opened tickets and no reply.

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Oohh :open_mouth: users are very clever now

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You should be able to receive the emails. Make sure it’s “checked” on your profile settings so even it’s reported, you still could read/answer


So any reply Envato? No reply to my tickets neither here.

They get removed, so answering the comment won’t be possible, coz from email you get comment link and his reply, but since comment is deleted, no way to reply.

Moderators, support team, hello?! A market that earns millions a month, doesn’t have a support team that replies less than 36 hours!


Unfortunately, we, the moderators, can’t help with this, we don’t have access to users market accounts or to the support tickets.

If you already opened a ticket, someone from the Envato Support&Help Team will definitely have a look at it and will help, but it will take a bit of time.

Have you opened your ticket here: https://help.author.envato.com/hc/en-us ? This is the new support center for authors…

I’ll tag in here @KingDog and @BenLeong, maybe they can help better


Thank you, I opened in it Author help center as usual.

I’ll wait, and see how it goes.

Wow this really looks like a big oversight in the system that now finally got discovered by some malicious people. I hope this gets resolved soon enough but it looks like this requires some code change on envato side and they have never been really “fast” on those…

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He started to create multi accounts, and reporting using multi accounts. That’s the worst part.

This is same basic feature that Envato should implement, only author and comment owner can report, not everyone! I can simply create account and destroy other items comment page + sales. It’s just one if else code…

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Yes, Envato customers has TONS of ways to trash an author, and no rule to stop them. Because even when a user breaks the market TOS, he won’t suffer ANY problem. There is simply no contr over what customers can do, and authors are always who pays. The classic case happening every 2 weeks are customers asking custom work and leaving bad ratings when you don’t do it for free. Useless to remove dumb ratings, becasue they can do new ones and become unstoppable.
We are basically at the mercy of every twisted 18yo kid out there.


feels like we are not owners but labor workers @ Envato… :frowning: because we don’t have any rights! jjust make an Item got approved, wait for loyal customers to buy …

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Translated, our “contract” is “shut up and code” :smiley:

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