Again unable to report comment on my own item that become anoying

Again this is the 3th time i write a topic about that problem. last time they removed few of reported comment to allow me to report again. To make things clear im author for about 2 year and half on code canyon and it seem that we are not allow to report more than a given amount of post that is anoying. It is not like if i was reporting comment every 5 min but i may report 1 or 2 comment per month and maybe not even that much. I ask again please evanto do something about it and fix that issue once but once for real and stop telling us author that you are moving things and that everything will be fixed soon this problem i reported about 1 year ago…

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today i was talking with a customer of mine and i had to ask that customer to report his own post ( what he agree to do with pleasure ) but this look so unprofessional to tell to a customer " can you please report your own post please im unable to report post on my own item.

That’s really annoying. In the customer view, it’s funny because you are asking them to remove their own comments.

Sadly, that’s how envato system works and they’ll do nothing just to fix an issue for one author. I also recently contacted them about my item rating because it displays 4 and a half stars even though it has an average of 4.96 rating, they just told me it’s just how it goes.