Re Captcha

What is this madness!? Every time when I sign in, I must select traffic lights, cars or buses…
Whats up here?


You can read this thread

Hope will helped!


I have nothing to do with Envato elements
I haven’t even looked at them and have no intention! Just suddenly this Re Capthcha became aggressive! Please fix it!

okay lets tagging Envato Engineering team @rosssimpson hope he will helped!

please open a help ticket and let the support team know. Support team will check it for you with the engineering team. Thanks

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Thanks guys! Thanks for your time! Appreciate this!


Can you please help with the faulty re-captcha process. I have to prove I am not a robot on every download. Its extremely frustrating.

I would hate to move on from this website as a resource but this faulty process is enough that I really can not tolerate it from an efficiency stand point. It adds time and convolution to creative work.

Please fix.