Please this is CRITICAL. As a video editor who uses DOZENS of sound effects for a single editing session, suddenly, I’ve been prompted to enter a recaptcha every time I need to download a new sound, music piece, or graphic.

For element heavy users the new captcha requires us to enter multiple stoplights, traffic signs, or whatever else, as we are EDITING, and HEAVILY taxes the time and mental energy that we need to devote to projects.

Let me give you a quick example:

In my videos I may download a mix of over 50 elements, (3 Stock Videos, 10 Swish / Cartoon sound effects, 3 Music pieces, 5 Graphics, 1 Outro Template ETC, ETC)

Envato WAS PERFECT for this, as we had unlimited downloads without the hassle (as advertised).

Now, starting today, I have to enter a captcha, that requires me to puzzle solve before each download… which adds up to doing 50 puzzles during a video session. 50 captchas, 50 TIMES.

Please envato fix this. PLEASE!

Here are some suggestions:

  1. Give us a grace period for captcha re-entries that enacts on a random interval. An interval that prevents robot downloads, but doesn’t HEAVILY burden creators who need to use the catalogue as we edit.

EX: 8 downloads free of captchas, (a workable medium) then for the next 30 minutes, captchas appear. The 30 minute timer starts at the beginning of the first download. After the 30 minutes is up, then we get 8 downloads free of captchas, and if the users needs more, then captchas appear for every download that exceeds the 8 captcha free limit in the 30 minute window.

This is an optimal suggestion, that can LIMIT bots heavily and not oppress creators who NEED to quick off the cuff downloads as they edit or create.

What we have now is the actions of a small minority of users DAMAGING the community for the rest of us. Please do not be like your competitors, and decide not to listen to creators who have a NICHE for your service.

Here’s other although a less favorable suggestion for this problem as well:

  1. Give us a CLEAR download limit, perhaps (50) before we start to see captchas for the rest of the day. This will allow video creators who use many elements a clear motive to constrict downloads. AND prevent bot usage.

PLEASE change this. The community will benefit as a whole. The suggestion you used to add captchas to EVERY download, is like using a MALLET on a nail that could be better tended with a small hammer.

Please use some creativity and innovation to navigate this problem. I’m begging ya!


I agree, it is extremely frustrating. Thinking perhaps a cookie clear could help?


Tried that, doesnt help at all.

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:wave: Hi @slove892, I’m the engineering manager responsible for Envato Elements.

Thank you for flagging this problem. :bowing_man:

We spent some time yesterday investigating what was happening. We discovered that we had accidentally introduced a bug that caused captchas to appear for all users, not just the ones breaching the Fair Use Policy.

We shipped a fix for this, and download behaviour should be back to normal. :tada:

Thanks for your patience, and apologies for the disruption.

P.S. for the folks interested in the technical details, here’s a graph showing captcha behaviour over the last 72 hours:


Thanks for fixing so quickly, Envato! :+1:


Thank you. I am very satisfied with this :slight_smile: Thanks envato for listening!


Hello, I am a new user and asking if the trouble about captcha is still running… something like this happen to me today. Thanks

I am sorry but this has not been fixed.

Since your “3D” items are in fact screenshots with [manual] rotation ability, I have had pretty quickly reached recaptcha per each download attempt.

I am afraid that the very reason subscribing to “unlimited” access implies the need of exactly that expectation in exchange for USD 33 - unlimited access.

I already can only download 1 item at once [no bulk selectors - like download wishlist], but solving recatptchas per each download - thanks, but no, thanks.

I am glad that I have not had prepaid for 1 year for this scam.



Almost a DEALBREAKER. This is one of the most frustrating things from any website. Every single time you download anything ENVATO MAKES YOU JUMP THROUGH HOOPS TO GET IT!!!

Being the primary content creator for an agency, this is introducing a major red flag and time suck into a process that is dependent on being efficient.



same thing here after several download … i get the captcha’s they make it time consuming to download so you eventually give up… the this is robbery… some people like me subscribe for a year … and download 4-5 days and that will be it… I don’t have to go though this crap