Are images from PSD templates bought here copyright free?

I’m about to buy a template but I’m not sure if I can use a few of the images in it on my site as I don’t know if they’re copyrighted or not.

You don’t worry because all items themeforest sell psd use placeholders psd but you can use photos or it’s free photos.

p.s: sorry my bad english becuase I not speak english 100%. :slight_smile:

Long story short - reviewers usually request authors to use placeholders in the download version as @JeriTeam said, even where they use full graphics for the demo purpose.

Generally, in the case that an author has included images you should begin by checking with them, however, given that it is your site that will be punished if there is a problem, I would always air on the side of caution and locate your own images.

If they have used stock images then they should be able to provide links and then you can double check licenses for yourself

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