Anyone using Distrokid?

Hi all,

I am thinking of joining Distrokid and upload some of my tracks in there. The goals are: 1) help to promote my brand and 2) earn some extra $$. I would really appreciate if someone could answer some of the questions below.

  1. The most important question of all. Being an exclusive author in AJ, am I allowed to do it? I really don’t want to do anything I am not allowed to.

  2. If I am allowed to go ahead. Should I? Is it worth the time?

  3. I am not sure how it works yet, but I guess it is just streaming the music, so people can’t really download it. Is this correct?

  4. If anyone is already using it, would you recommend to others?

Thanks a lot in advance

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I find this!


Thanks for the link liosound! I will have a read now! all the best to you! :slight_smile:

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I use DistroKid :slight_smile:

  1. Yes! As long as you don’t tick any of the boxes that make your music available for Facebook & Instagram monetisation. This is a new feature these distributors are rolling out.

  2. Definitely worth the time. I’m just starting out so I haven’t made much money, but there are a few authors around who are doing very well.

  3. Just streaming. None of it gets licensed - it’s only for listening.

  4. Highly recommended :slight_smile:


Hey James! Thank you very much! really appreciate your help. Hope all is well. I will definitely give Distrokid a shot then. I will not tick the box for monetization on FB & IG as you recommended. cheers

quick question: do you tick the box where it says: “Youtube Money”?
also, the 4.95/yr is for each single track we upload or if you tick it once it applies to all the uploads (like a yearly subscription?)?


That’s a flat rate, so you can upload as many tracks as you want :slight_smile:

YouTube money should be fine as it’s the same as AdRev (ContentID). I don’t bother with it because I already registered my tracks manually with AdRev.

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I see…when I upload my promo videos on youtube I always use a watermarked version of my AJ tracks (with the voice saying “wavebeatsmusic” 3 to 4 times per track), just to add one layer of protection. But when I start to upload the tracks on Distrokid they will have no watermark. Do you think that in this case, the watermarked versions (already on youtube) will conflict with the non-watermarked versions the will be uploaded via distrokid in terms of content ID? Am I overthinking/worrying too much about it? Thanks again :slight_smile:

I use Distrokid too and it’s great.
I just realise that spotify payment is very very low. I once got 11.000 streams and only found $0.2 on my statement :rofl:

I don’t use the Youtube Money, better to ask Distrokid first how to whitelist thousands of videos that already purchased your music.

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Hey FASSsounds, thank you for your reply.
2 cents for 11K plays!!! OMG that is depressive! Oh boy…how sad is that? :scream:
Great point about the videos that have already purchased licenses…I will find out about it later.

BTW, I just subscribed to your YT channel. Great music and top quality production. Your tracks sound amazing in my studio! Congrats! :slight_smile:

That’s way too low. Something is off.

On average, Spotify pays $7.50 per 1000 streams.


Woww you got that amount? That’s impressive
I think it depends on the listeners country

My listeners mostly came from Indonesia where spotify subscription price is very low and many using modified cracked version.

My highest earning was just $1.5 for around 2000 listens :rofl:

Woww thanks, really appreciate your support! :smiley:


It’s more like $3 these days. For me at least.

The amount per stream varies quite a bit depending on that individual listener’s total monthly activity, but $0.2 seems way off.

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It’s odd for sure. Here’s the statement page from distrokid page

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The watermark has very little to no impact in terms of ContentID detections. If you let Distrokid manage your ContenID registered material, it will detect your tracks and issue copyright notices regardless of whether there’s a watermark or not.

My advice is to always opt out of these clauses (it’s actually more than an advice, rather a requirement for uploading on AJ). Your AJ buyers have to be able to clear the claims easily with their license. Will they be able to do that, if you put Distrokid in charge of ContentID? Always keep the control on the music you plan on licensing.

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thanks for the great advise. thanks a lot.

It depends 100% on the listener country and whether it’s using a free or a premium account.

I’ve used distrokid and it is very good for big catalogues.
But it takes a lot of time to make the payments, give the data and support. (compared with tunecore and onerpm)

IMHO I recommend it :smiley:

I plan to use Distrokid for my music(not AJ tracks). Have some music written and when i have time i will record it and perhaps distribute it with Distrokid.
Also, has anyone used Record union?