Anyone using Distrokid?

Different artist names and different track names are definitely allowed!

Hi! I have a quastion. Can I upload my tracks to TikTok via DistroKid as an exclusive author? I found yours two years old answer “As long as you don’t tick any of the boxes that make your music available for Facebook & Instagram monetisation.” But what about TikTok?

I’d say it’s a similar sublicensing situation, therefore you should opt out if you’re an exclusive author. That’s what I did anyway.


Don’t work with Distrokid.
Distrokid is absolute s h i t .
Their support is the herd of idiots.
They can delete your account and assign all your earnings.
They embezzled the big part of your money from Facebook/Instagram monetisation in 2019-2021.
The big part of their stores really doesn’t works - it is fiction.
They fooled everyone with YouTube ID Content monetisation - this is really doesn’t works but they are silent about this.
Distrokid - no honor, no decency … only stupidity and greed.