any suggestion please ? my item downloaded from outside canyon 500+ time :( !

some one send to me email , that my new codecanyon item , some one bought it and post it for free download for any one , 500+ download for now , how can i protect my efforts and my item , i know that if some one download it for free he will get the huge update that i will add to the script soon , but how the specialist do in this cases please help :frowning:

this is my item link

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Don’t give in to those scammers who find you a link and tell you that they’ll take care of it for you. I have a feeling they have a hand in generating them just so that they can show you the link. Ultimately I don’t believe they’d be as effective as the author, taking down the links with DMCA. It requires skill and dedication and some time every now and then to keep your creation only available from CodeCanyon :smile:


At least use the Envato API to verify the purchase code.

With well over 3000 sales on my CodeCanyon products, I used to fight fiercely to get all the pirated copies of my products taken down. But at some point, I was getting sick and tired of it and stopped. Low and behold, sales did not go down after this. In fact, they went up for whatever reason. Either way, as most successful authors will tell ya, don’t bother with chasing pirated copies of your products, its simply not worth your time. Most of the folks who end up using these pirated copies would not have purchased the real deal and legitimate users/buyers will not bother with these malware ridden pirated versions and simply purchase the actual product. As prices on Envato are already so insanely low, people who remotely value the work we do will simply pay those few bucks :slight_smile: I’d let it go…

all of my theme and plugins are shared free everywhere on internet :smiley:

We have around 10k sales and we don’t see any difference by fighting with piracy on our sale rates. We took down links in google search, sent illegal links to Envato and sent DMCA by ourselves. No magic effect. Opposite we had sometimes traffic boost from pirate sites and our sales rate was up :smiley:

oh really , take a look at what 's happening for some guys, some times they see some sites showing more “sales” in illegal sites than in the real one and how do u feel guys feel in this case? plus , let me tell you that according to the lack of efficiency that tons of people are showing to fight against piracy, most of authors have somehow somehow given up to do any single thing … which is sad to think about, especially when u know how much revenue is low for most of guys and thus how much it hurts authors to face something like this … . Plus contacting, sending the link and so on, what’s the interest in the end? i can tel you that i reported a website stealing two of my items, months after they were still continuing activity and having more and more GR items for downloads …

in my opinion, u’d better give for free on your website and at least egenrate some traffic and these sort of things for your other items, now that’s just my point of view …

Read this topic Looking for a Copyright advise!
It can help you.
My advice is to do an update.

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thanks for all :slightly_smiling:

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I was facing the same issue with one of my plugins…in 2013. The elite and the advanced authors also told me at that time that I should ignore all these pirates and just move on. Which I did.

It was a good advice. Even if people download your item for free, they will need sometime some support and/or updates. Which they can get only if they buy the item.

So… just continue to work to release periodical updates. Even release some new items (not like me lol :joy: ). And focus on the support. A happy customer is a returning customer :wink: