How can envato and we can protect our item from illegal sell?

I am new seller on envato market.
I have start selling my first item. I have sold 6 item. I have provided very good support to my customer. I am not selling my item any where else.

one day one person come to me and told me i purchase your item. so give me a support. when i asked him about purchase code. he didn’t have.

SO i asked him where did he brought.
HE given me a link.

[link removed] where you can buy a coin and purchase a script.

he also show me a proof. I was shook.

i think there is a many website like this how did you protect?

This one is pain in the ass. I have been keep reporting similar URLs for long time but every time they come with new URL.
You can search the forum about this issue but Envato usually doesn’t take any action and they expect you to protect your own content as well. You need to send DCMA notice, etc… but takes lots of time

That’s why I made a toolkit. You should integrate it’s library it in your theme / plugin:

And then you can shut down the main plugin features i.e. after 10 days of non-activating. This will complicate the life for illegal users.

It would take 3 minutes for pirate to bypass that code by altering source code. And believe me they’re motivated as they’re making money from it, more than many authors here.

Not 3 minutes, at least couple hours for each version of plugin, if the activation is well done. And the target you are targeting, is not the one’s who crack, but the one’s the use them. They will face the problems, and they are mostly not coders at all.

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I strongly disagree. There is a PHP scripts pirate market, many of them, and groups that “crack” (lol, what an overstatement, since all you need to do is just alter one line of script so that the rest of the script would be tricked that everything is ok and that the item has been purchased) usually have “script” in their name. So you have groups that are dedicated to altering PHP scripts, plugins and whatnot and it takes them literally minutes and that’s for encrypted scripts, even encrypted with Zend Guard and the likes. To “crack” your “protection” would surely take less than 1 minute.

Was the item licensed under GPL? If so, there may not be much you can do legally. Also, I agree that PHP is pretty easy to “hack” since the code isn’t compiled. Not saying I agree with it though.

I never said I agree with “cracking” scripts or with any alteration if one doesn’t have the license for it, I merely stated that @KestutisIT 's toolkit is useless.

I never thought you were agreeing with it. I was just mentioning the GPL part. I know a lot of PHP scripts sold are GPL which allows for anyone to resell the code legally. While it may be morally wrong to pirate such scripts, it is still legal.

I’m a programmer myself but I stay away from creating anything in GPL because of the license terms. I just happened to see this post because I was on the forum so I responded to it.

No I disagree with you. The tool is just for the starting and connecting with the API. The license activation should always happen on the license server, and it the script, whatever the ‘crackers’ would use, they won’t be able to automate that, if you do add checks in models etc. They still have to take a look manually, and once again - it will take couple hours to crack it. The ‘crackers’ are not the gods of code or something, they usually have even weaker coding skills that senior devs. So, if you use the Toolkit wisely, have a license server to do the verification on the server, then it will take couple hours to crack. As that cannon be automated, it has different logic for each plugin, not just a variable name. Do not overtrust the crackers. And then when you have the messages and sections of update, check for update in your plugin, again someone will have to bother to remove them, deactivate them, or the one’s who got ‘cracked’ product will again still keep getting worried about their license, and will buy it later.

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Agree with @KestutisIT, any protection is better than no protection at all. It is also good incentive for customers to buy and will allow you better control on multiple activation’s of the same plugin on multiple URL’s.

As for GPL, you need to observe items in the marketplace more closely because most authors license using the split licensing model. Even if it were pure GPL, this will add more value and regulation to your code i.e. automatic updates and controlled license activation.

@iosresonance my advise to you is to invite the user to make a purchase if they want support and in future to avoid making purchases on dodgy website that distribute content illegally. They just put themselves in danger and will most likely infect their server with malware.

In the meantime keep your item updated and provide proper support and do not waste your time on illegitimate copies. It is a better use of your time and you will see better sales.

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@Typps and @KestutisIT , you guys are hilarious :rofl:

since Envato gets income out of every sale, as well as any author does, and since there’s a whole team of reviewers for all the markets, it would also be needed a good team that do just this “protect the author rights and also Envato’s”.

At least 15 people doing this as a job everyday, receiving tips from authors and searching for piracy and stolen property
would do a lot of good in the beginning. In time, the team could grow, when Envato feels ready to hire some more

If I’d be Envato’s CEO, I’d take stealing my property pretty seriously. Now it depends on their beliefs, not really ours…


@SoundLoungeStudio … I totally agree with you 100%. On top of that Envato should allow, at least, obfuscated source codes. I remember long time ago when I was about to submit my first item, a game, they said I’m not allowed to sell encrypted nor obfuscated source code, only demo can be obfuscated and / or encrypted. Now, when things are obfuscated and plain text / strings encrypted, that does take many months of fully dedicated time to figure things out. That is a protection that slows down everything significantly, if done properly.

And would also prevent the buyer from being able to edit and/or customise the item easily or without “many months of fully dedicated time to figure things out”, which goes against the point of buying stock items.

Is there another marketplace like here which allow this?

As for the other (very valid) points in his thread - while I am 110% against any form of warez, theft etc. in terms of reporting things, and the endless comments about envato not caring - don’t forget that copyright claims have to come from the copyright owner, which is not envato.

@charlie4282 …I meant to say partially obfuscated and encrypted. Configuration parts and parts of the text that are supposed to be changed by the buyer in case of reskinning / altering of graphics, etc. must not be altered. And licensing checks code would be hard to bypass in case of obfuscation and encryption.

The issue is as soon as you complicate editing anything, however basic or advanced, you are fundamentally altering the basis on which the envato marketplaces operate.

Either buyers get complete ability to alter files they buy, or they don’t - there can’t be a middle ground as

  1. it would deter a huge % of buyers and

  2. it would be nearly impossible to define a consistent benchmark/degree of encryption or other modification across thousands of unique items in each category, let alone different formats or file types.

I agree with Charlie. Protecting small pieces of code / widgets, when you give the source code anyways, would make the customisation harder.

If you manage to sell your final .EXE file, than you can do protection. But that’s another story.

I was just saying that we should find a way to clean the “crumpled papers” that people leave behind on the floor in Envato Markets. Some do piracy, some buy an AudioJungle item or get some track from somewhere and re-sell it (i’m not sure if it happened here, but I think I heard something similar on the forums)…anywayz, on such huge markets like Envato has, someone has to keep it “clean”. Reviewers do the most of the hard job, some authors report stuff and Envato makes the adjusments, but it has to be (at some point in the future) a team of people that would work to just “keep things cleaner on Envato”.

My oppinion anyways. So far Envato is doing a great job, and I’m sure that as it grows, lots of problems arise, but
Envato is definitely the leader in this sector, and doing a great thing.

Keep it up peeps :slight_smile:
(i’m happy cause a deep house track I released 2 months ago is now on #8 place on top 10 Beatport on a label that just released it on a compilation…off topic :)))

i agree that the code should be visible and editable for the buyers but what if evanto allow us to only protect the installation process of the script of course it wont block 100% of those nullers but i think the installation process is something that should not be part of code that a buyers can edit if they can edit all other part of the code that is enough from my point of view. The only reason a customer would want to edit the installation part is for resell the script.

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honestly SoundLoungeStudio i think they view nulled site as free advertising. Of course for us author nulled site are bad but they also give some visibility to our script. Evanto will start figthing nulled site when someone will have the great idea of making a nulled Element site.