Any one could confirm this (Customer still download the item when we refund him)


Anyone in the forum could confirm if the customer still can download the item and a new update when we accept the refund?

Because we always wait until Envato accepting the refund to update our item.

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if the customer purchased only 1 license and refund done then customer will not be able to download the item and update.


Hi, mgscoder

Thank you for quick reply, I mean when I accept the refund, not when envato accept it
Because when i accept the refund its take between 3 and 5 days to accepted by envato

Thank you in advance

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I mentioned refund done mean customer will be able to download untill refund done mean envato accept and process the refund. but you can contact author support to get confirm because they know best.

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Ooops really? its not fair, when we accept the refund these days envato take more that 5 days so the customer could get the new updates for more that 5 days :frowning: Its not good news

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hmmmm… that means when someone has purchased the item by mistake and asks for refund (without downloaded the file) authors would accept the refund because there’s stated the the file wasn’t downloaded.
After the refund has been accepted the buyer could download the file (while the reason for approval was that the file hasn’t been downloaded) and getting the money back for sure

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in refund request page there you can see customer has downloaded or not. Also when you will approve refund then before accept you have options to comments why refund there you can mention that customer didn’t download so you are accepting refund, if they download then refund should not done.

@themac Yeah, exactly your are understand me, a lot of customers do that, please @EnvatoTeam check this issue as soon as possible

If the buyer can download an item after we accept the refund what does it matter what we write? Can buyer really download the item after we accept the refund? Whats the purpose of “has the item been downloaded yet”?

These discussions stemmed from a thread that was 2 years ( Refunded Files able to download even after refund approved. ) old which I locked yesterday. This was a bug when the refund system was introduced, but has LONG since been resolved.

To put things simply NO. The moment you click the “Accept Refund” button that option is gone! :slight_smile:

If you ever have doubts about a system on Envato, just contact Envato Authors Help and Support instead of resurrecting old threads for issues that were solved and causing unwanted panic for everyone! :blush:

With this being said, no, buyers can’t download anything after the refund has been approved.


what is the supplier is not responding to the support tickets?
I want to refund my purchases from SmarterVision as his products are useless without support.

how many days ago have you requested for support to the author?

2 days ago, and please check the comments tab at his products pages.

I would like to say please give them time to get back to you (currently weekend). If they really not reply you within 5 days then you can request for refund.

If you are eligable to get a refund then you can request for refund. Can I Get A Refund is an explantion of the refund policy, requirements, process and a button linking to the refund request form.


Sure, I can wait till Monday.
But I think the support service should be guaranteed by a kind of SLA (Service Level Agreement).

Assuming that the ticket was raised using their support channel (on the comments your only message was 1 hr ago) then it clearly says on the item:

"SmarterVision team can take up to 48hours to reply to your ticket please be patient."

This would not necessarily include weekends. It’s very clear via the comments tha thte author is good at responding fairly quickly.

Unfortuantely as envato do not employ authors, nor own any item for sale here - there are limitations as to what they can officially do about guaranteeing support, updates etc.

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Please check

The customer had already downloaded the item as soon as they bought it.