Refunded Files able to download even after refund approved.

Hi Guys

I recently purchased a template from Themeforest but due to some reasons i asked for a refund and the author did approved my refund. after getting the approved email i checked my downloads page if the item got removed. but i din’t but the refund was approved.

So to make sure this is not a bug. me and my friend tested it. i bought his item and asked for a refund and he did approved it. but even after the authors refund approval the item was in the downloads list and was successfully able to download the item.

So i just wanted for few hrs and i got a new email from Envato support

And again i checked my downloads page where i still can see the item and was successfully able to download it.

i am not sure how this can happen. once the author approved the refund request. once its approved then the item download should be blocked and once the refund is approved by the envato staff they should remove it / atleast block download.

So i open a support ticket but they closed it without any proper reply. then i made a public tweet still now no reply

Envato TIcket ID : #1195378

Note : I am still able to download the item.

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Customer should be no longer able to access the item once we click the Approve Button.

That’s how it should be and I thought that’s how it works now.

Surprised to know this.

Dear @Envato, Please fix this.



Please open a Help ticket. They will be happy to investigate.


Really ?
I already did but no reply but it simply got closed.
Envato TIcket ID : #1195378

It looks like it was closed as a duplicate from your previous refund request. I’ll re-open it. Thanks!

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Can you please post the results here? I’m curious

What kind of result ?

Reply from support team

Still haven’t got any but may be soon in few months :stuck_out_tongue:

@KingDog @dtbaker @jamesgiroux @BenLeong @Sarah_G

I have reported a bug and still now haven’t got any response. will there be any response any sooner ?

I am not sure how it got closed as a duplicate as i clearly mentioned in the ticket : site feedback / bug report.

Great Reply From Support Team :slight_smile:

My Reply

There is an issue with refunds in the marketplace, which I have tested with the help of another author for checking purposes, and the same is exposed. It can be replicated as below:

  1. Customer purchases a plugin
  2. Customer asks for refund
  3. Refund is approved by author
  5. Envato approves the refund
  6. Plugin is removed from the customer download

The fact that a customer can download the plugin after author approves the refund in step 3 is absurd, because technically refund is awaiting processing, and the customer has requested a refund mostly because they are either not satisfied, purchased by mistake, etc. This access allows customers to take undue advantage of the delays in processing time between steps 3 and 5 above and download a product as well as obtain a refund. The author stands to lose both ways. After step 3, download of plugin should be temporary blocked.

Please protect the interests of hard-working authors such as myself, who are also the source of revenue for Envato. If you have any questions, or need more information, please feel free to get in touch with me.



This what the last reply after my reply to them

@KingDog Really ? This way a user can easily null multiple items and ask the author for refund as i doin’t download or i dont like it.

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Our team is pretty on top of it. I wouldn’t worry too much about it :smiley:

They have the final say in refund approval so that’s why there’s a gap between the author approving the refund and the Help Team giving their final OK.



This issue solved on envato or not, because we couldn’t update our item for this reason, we always waiting until the refund accepted by envato to upload new version :frowning:

It’s a 2 year old ticket! Solved, long long ago! For any details get in touch with Envato Authors Help and Support. Locking this one down! Cheers! :slight_smile: