Any advice on this Xmas reject?

Hi there, can anyone please offer any advice as to where I went wrong with this mix?

Not sure if this is grounds for rejection, but it does seem a little odd to do a sort of “parody” of Jingle Bells (which is public domain) and calling it something else. I would either use that instrumentation to do a proper cover of Jingle Bells, or change the melody so that it doesn’t sound like Jingle Bells and it’s a completely original composition.

I would totally agree with AlisterBunclark. The rhythm used for the first 3 notes just says “Jingle Bells”. If you would find another rhythmic pattern for those notes, then it wouldn’t be “Jingle Bells” so much. Good luck!

Ah, thanks guys. I should just have called it Jingle Bells and made it a cover. My idea was to find parts of different Christmas tunes that fit together. In the background there is also a string part that sounds like Auld Lang Syne. Maybe not such a good idea after all.

Mind you, there are other songs on here that sound like Jingle Bells with another title…Maybe it got through because the Author states that it is inspired by Jingle Bells.

Hi GavinJack. IMO:

  • the sound is a little flat for Holiday music. It could use some more sparkle, pop, punch, and/or depth.
  • the piano part is very repetitive throughout. Changing it up would improve the arrangement.
  • The ending is very abrupt and harsh
    Hope it helps.

hm, not bad…
I think you should keep going uploadiong but try to improve your quality

Thanks Midnight and Presto. I appreciate the advice and encouragement :smile: