Please help. has been rejected.

This item does not meet the general commercial quality standard required to be accepted on AudioJungle, unfortunately.
friends, please tell me what I did wrong and what to look for

Thanks for any feedback.`


It’s always hard to see inside the head of the reviewer. Here’s what I might have picked up on had I reviewed it:

  1. The arrangement/mix feels top-heavy. There is too much going in in the upper registers and not enough harmonic support from the bass register. That can make it sound too strident. I’d be inclined to add cello, double bass or even an orchestral pad right at the bottom and take the melody on a satisfying harmonic journey, that will also round out the sound and give it some emotional warmth.

  2. There is some confusion over the downbeat, with the accent on syncopated notes on the staccato strings. That’s a bit free jazz for the genre; you’d be better off delivering something more conventional for this Christmas tune.

  3. There is some uncomfortable discord between the bells and the strings. I would try to rethink the bells and try to use tuned bells, also mix them down a little. It’s OK to “feel” them rather than “hear” them above the other sounds.

Maybe try that and see if it flies :wink:

Friend, thank you very much for your detailed response.
It is useful for me. I will listen to him and try to apply it in the next project.

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The volume of the track is not up to the standards. Too quiet.

just needed to increase the volume?

A decent mastering process wouldn’t hurt

that’s for sure
thank you for your attention