An important question for Envato about the new payment system

Dear Envato!
Please specify exactly which Money Transfer systems (such as Payoneer) are currently supported for Elements payouts and for Envato Market payouts?
Please list all.
Please confirm is it possible to accept payments from Envato to Payeer or Advcash. If so, please provide instructions on how to link these Money Transfers (Payeer or Advcash) in author’s Payment Method.
Thank you

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This article should help with the Elements and the new Market payout systems and how to get them set up -


I have already carefully studied this article. There are no answers to my questions. It contains information only about Payoneer and Wise.
I ask you to specifically list ALL Money Transfer systems supported.
And I ask you to answer specific questions:
1 - can I withdraw from Envato to Payeer?
2 - can I withdraw from Envato to Advcash?

Thanks in advance for your reply

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The envato payments for authors can be done in only 3 ways which are:

  1. PayPal (50USD minimum payout)
  2. Payoneer (50USD minimum payout)
  3. SWIFT (500USD minimum payout)

and you asked about Payeer and Advcash. as of this moment Payeer and Advcash is not Supported for withdrawal.
But also if any Payment/Wallet provider including Payeer or Advcash provides you a international SWIFT supported bank account then you can use that to withdraw from envato and your fund will be available to your respected wallets.

Hope this helps.