Am I still allowed to use the theme that I got refund for

I have recently bought a theme which I am not satisfied with for many different reasons.Theme has got too many bugs and theme support is disastrous.They don’t help with any issue.So I requested a refund and has been approved by Theme Author.
Theme author is now asking me to delete their theme from my website.But I have spent many days working long hours to build the site,and was thinking to hire web developer to fix those theme issues.
Should I delete their theme from my website?OR am I entitled to keep using their theme since refund was made because of their bad support?

Thank you

You must remove it from your website and computer. Once refunded your license is void.

If its genuinely buggy to a point that a refund is needed, and not just a buyer changing their mind then surely you wouldn’t want to keep using it?

How can you seriously assume that you are still entitled to use the item, after you received a full refund? When you return anything else to a dealer, from a car to anything else, and you get your money back, do you still think you can use the item?

Why should software purchased here should be any different, just because you can’t physically return the item anymore?

Any future usage of the item by you is the same as if you downloaded it from an illegal website in the first place.

How can I assume??The same way you can make illogical comment.I was promised to solve all issues by theme author and after a week they got back to me with nothing.They solved one simple issue and left all other 8 issues same as it is.
Because of their promise,I worked hours on other things with the hope that problems will be fixed.Same like car dealer promised me to fix the accelerator issue within a week.Because of car dealer promise,I worked on designing car and spent money.So who would give me the money that I spent on designing my car???
Envato market is completely useless and never going to use this again.

That is simply cost of doing business; the same as the theme author spent support hours on you, that doesn’t come for free, and is now left with nothing, since you received a refund, which also included the share of the purchase price that covered support. Are you planning to reimburse him/her for the hours spent trying to fix your issues now? I don’t think so.

Whatever time you spent on your own working with the item is totally irrelevant here, as nobody forced you to do so. You could simply have waited for the theme author to fix the issues, before investing any more time. But for you to expect to be allowed to continue using the item after you got your money back is ludicrous and an insult to the theme author. Yes, the theme didn’t work out for you, but you got your money back for it. Now please do what you are legally required to do and remove the theme from your site, as you are now using it illegally.

I would be ashamed to ask such question.


That is why we don’t offer refunds for any reason :smiley:

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