All sorted now

All sorted now.
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Hi Ruben / @rr10o , great feedback!

###Track Length

Sometimes the preview track is different when the author includes different variations to showcase what’s included. This may explain the main reason for the difference you’ve observed. Another reason for the difference (if the preview only contains the main track) may be because of the watermark the author adds to the preview. It could, potentially, add a second or two to the start and/or end depending on where the author positions the watermark(s). I don’t know if it will help you, but if you take a look at the right-hand-side of each item page, it will explicitly tell you the duration of the main track (and any included variations). Reviewers verify this duration during the review process so it should be a pretty solid way of knowing the actual length of the main track.


I know quite a few customers like to use the preview file in video editing (especially before deciding which track to use/purchase) but all things considered it’s probably wiser to use a purchased track to avoid the timing issues you mention.
###Track Info

Envato/AudioJungle adds the identifier to the .zip file as you correctly mention. It’s then up to each author to add ID3 tags and to also name their files names within the .zip. Some authors do this already. The solution to your issue here is to simply either ( a ) go to your downloads page to listen to your prior purchases to match the one you’re looking for and/or ( b ) re-download the item you have already purchased so you can obtain the .zip and note the item name. The second point there is obviously redundant if you simply ID the track from your download page.

I think that’s a really good point about ID3 tags and filename protocol however. Let me give your feedback a bump to all the AJ authors, I know they love direct feedback like this from customers, I’m sure many who are not doing this already will reconsider it based on your feedback. Right after I post this response I’ll let them know about your feedback. Meanwhile, a colleague of mine has already shared your feedback with staff directly involved with AudioJungle so they can take note of and consider your thoughts as the site continues to be improved in the future.

Thanks again for taking the time to share some super helpful and constructive feedback, we love hearing from customers!


Great Feedback. I highly recommend all authors to label and use ID3 tags, it’s a win-win situation :smiley:

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+1 Agree with this totally. It’siImportant to provide clear file labeling and pertinent ID3 tags so the customers have one less detail to worry about. :thumbsup:

A really good point. Thank you for sharing this info.

AJ should automatically watermark and make named previews of our main files and let us upload all versions separately. Customers would then get each version separately when they download the preview.

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What are ID3 tags?

Yes, it would be convenient the auto watermark, but in that case there should be two types. One (such what is) for 10 seconds, and the second for example 4 seconds for short loop versions. Unload individually each version would be more convenient for the customer, but to all track preview version is displayed on the same page from top to bottom and under every version of the track to make the button “Download preview”

Information about the track implemented in the Mp3 file.

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Yeah, AJ is quite unique when it comes to uploading. I don’t know of any other stock audio site that requires manual zipping and manual watermarking. If we can land a Falcon 9 rocket on a drone ship in the sea, we should be able to land these issues too :sunglasses:

Ideally, an author should just drag and drop the files and the rest should be taken care of by means of automation. File names could have the item ID prepended automatically, watermarked previews rendered automatically, zip files (if necessary) made automatically. It’s just a few lines of code. The option to download separate versions as separate previews would be greatly appreciated by many video editors, as I have come to understand it.

On a related note, manually writing down track lengths in the upload form AND in the description should also be a thing of the distant past. Consider instead an automatically generated list of included files with automatically calculated durations.

Additionally, this would take some time off reviewing and create less “fix your description”, “fix your durations” and “fix your preview” resubmissions. Automate it! It’s due! :wink:


This is exactly what I meant to say :smile:

These ID3 tags are usually added when bouncing (as already mentioned by Hyperprod. Sorry, didn’t see the post, hence the edit).
In Logic Pro - just as an example - it looks like this:
(Very sorry, it’s in German. Hopefully not confusing):

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thanks for that, I use reaper, not sure if i can do it on there.

Hi @rr10o
Mp3 files are never used for loops because they don’t loop seamlessly like WAV files do. Could this little difference in length be what you’re seeing as the preview is Mp3? Do you use the WAV file in your final project? Sorry if this is old news, but this is the only solution I can think of if the difference is as little as a few frames.

Hi rr10o!

I’m agree with your point of view. Now things that you described are more like author’s responsibility, not AJ. For example my tracks are the same length as preview files and I always fill mp3 tags and even paste a link to my portfolio. But seems like not all authors do the same so I can understand you. By the way, thanks for your feedback! Its very important for us authors :slight_smile:

Thanks for providing feedback @rr10o ! I whish more customers would come forward and speak out whats on their minds!

Much appreicated! :slight_smile:

I guess if AJ automated the preview process there could be a script that compensated for the difference in file lenght. All other marketplaces have had this in place for years.

A quick note on tagging. Aside from ID3 tags, WAV files can be embedded with certain metadata too. I know some DAWs can do this in various degrees, but a tool I use is called BWF Metaedit. Especially useful for those who wish to add ISRC numbers and other traceability codes to their WAV files. Freely available, simple to use and everything is explained here:

What means ISRC?

Hi @MikhailGraydMusic. This need not apply to all music creators but this is a basic explaination:
“The International Standard Recording Code (ISRC) system is the international system for the identification of recorded music and music videos. Each ISRC is a unique identifier that can be permanently encoded into a recording or music video.”

More info can be found at this link.

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