All about corporate music on AudioJungle

Hi everyone have a look at this. Who is agree with this ?


Be original !!!


:grinning: :grinning: :grinning:
Authors create music that customers need :slight_smile:


Yep, humanity moves in massive trends. We think we are unique, but on a grand scale we behave more like ants or bees.


Hahahaha good one! Yes, as @LuckyBlackCat says, sure we would like to be more original, but most of the time we have to adapt to what buyers want… they vote with their money.


lol so true but the customer is always right and corporate tracks are clearly what sell the most.

Have put smiled on my face !:joy:

yeah i agree with you, have a look at these tracks

this is what customer wants

and this is little bit original

what you say ?

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Each music age, or music era has it’s own “corporates” and we are all creators drown into some universal system of consumption which we make a living from. By this meaning even Xenakis is commercial and “upbeat corporate” :grinning:
BTW @griggenri great comparison :grinning::grinning:

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So you are saying that all corporate songs are amazing ?

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Isn’t it a fashion made by AJ author? For AJ clients…A great style anyway but I don’t see this specific style put in front outside of AJ. :slight_smile:

Can’t wait for the ‘raw oldschool hiphop hype’!

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@griggenri sorry for the late reply yea both tracks A-1 good stuff my guy. :slight_smile:

It’s always a balance of being too original and having zero sales, or being more common and having more sales.
Take a look at tons of pop music even outside AJ, you will find the majority of music using the same well-known 4 chord progression. It’s also because listeners choose this 4 chords songs and buy them more often than other music. But when they listen to the music they don’t know what chords are in the song. They just choose what their ears like most. It’s weird for me personally and I guess for most of musicians, but it’s still ok for ordinary listeners and you cannot tell all the listeners in the world not to buy these 4 chord songs.

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:+1: :sweat_smile: