endless copies of copies

Seriously, people, aren’t you getting tired of your own stuff yourselves?
I’ve just been through endless “corporate uplifting blah” again and again, with the exact same sounds, exact same chord changes, exact same delayed guitars, intros, bassdrums on the quarter beats, etc etc etc…!!!
It’s either that or endless times the same happy mandoline and glockenspiel supposed to make happy kids, with again even the same chord changes.
Doesn’t anybody notice it’s gotten seriously unbearable hearing the same thing over and over again? Why do you even think anyone will buy that stuff when 1000 other people do the exact same thing?
I am amusician too, and most clients don’t have a budget for custom compositions on their video, that’s why I occasionally come to sites like audiojungle. But really- I won’t bother anymore, it’s just dreadfull to scroll and listen to zillions of variations of the same clichees. Talk about formatting and the decline of western culture…


You can browse different categories on Audiojungle. You don’t like the corporate stuff? then stay away from this category. There are thousands upon thousands of tracks on here that are not following that corporate format.

As to why so many authors do produce corporate tracks over and over? Because prices are so cheap on Audiojungle that authors need to sell large volumes if they want to survive. Selling large volumes requires producing generic music that could fit as many project as possible.

What has that to do with the decline of the Western culture? Authors are from all over the world, nothing specific to Western culture.


In some way, i understand him. Used to be, sometimes, very difficult to find something specific.
Not about Corporate stuff, i always thought corporate must be like it is, but in Ambient, for example, try to find something outside of those “false corporate wannabe” is hard.
Go to the category and you can find 99% the same track in the first page.

Maybe i am the problem about this, i always thought ambient must sound like Brian Eno, Stars of the Lid, the firsts lps from Johann Johannsonn, Air, Mum, Olafur Arnalds, Apparat, even Sigur Ros, etc…


Yes, the Ambient category has been compromised and is just a “corporate 2” category now. Envato reviewers are to blame for this one (and I don’t like to blame them). They never should have allowed that and should have moved those tracks to the Corporate category where they belong.


Yes, and i have been a sinner two or three times about this, but it is becoming very hard and sometimes fall into… :disappointed_relieved:

It all comes down to prices. When they’ll go up it’ll be more lucrative to contribute something unique. With 8$ per track I certainly won’t consider uplaoding something to Audiojungle unless it sells in large numbers.

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Yes my son for you have sinned and now I bless you.

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Just curious, why did you do it? What was the advantage of doing so?

I pray for forgiveness, with my 13 days queued track.
And i pray too to be accepted.
For the Ambient God.
I hope sleep tight tonight.


Well, sometimes i feel out of business, i need to pay bills and see how these tracks sell good makes me think about it, sometimes frustrated.
To be honest, i feel embarrassed when i had uploaded some of these tracks.
At least, giving myself a hug, they are 0,01% from my portfolio.

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Yes my son for you have sinned and now I bless you.

Oh, I thought you were guilty of uploading Corporate tracks to the Ambient category, and so I thought you could enlighten me as to why people do that.

Ain’t nothing wrong with uploading Corporate tracks (in the correct category), I certainly understand why you would do that. I do it too…

Some authors have even taken to playing the search engine game by renaming their Corporate tracks in order to appear in completely irrelevant searches. Less popular search terms like Yoga and Ragtime now display renamed Corporate tracks high among the results (but the original permanent URL tells the real story.) So even if a buyer wanders off the beaten Corporate path, they’re still more than likely going to run across…more of the same.


To be completely honest here: As long as there are a significant amount of buyers, predominately production companies, who use our music for big clients and without buying neither a broadcast license nor passing on the PRO data, the motivation to submit something of higher class is second to zero. At least for me. I have spotted 200+ uses of my music which ended up on TV and they all went for the 19$ standard license. Audiojungle still must be a joke or annoyance to those firms. The only way to end this circus is to let the Authors set their own prices.


Oh my! You’re right! I just typed “ragtime” in the main search engine: Tons of corporate among the first results!!! Ok, now it’s beyond ridiculous… It’s a shame.

I just hope this stupid strategy will do more harm than good to these clowny authors. Thinking of it, I’m not sure at all that buyers will be thrilled to hear corporate clones when they try to find an old-time vibe for their silent movie clip… All it does is cluttering the results. So dumb.


……and we wonder why the sales are drying up.

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In the meantime, it does actual harm to buyers as well as authors who aren’t trying to game the system.


Sue them!

I have been able to make buyers choose the correct broadcast license when they hadn’t in the first place. A broadcast company cannot afford to air music that was not properly licensed. If you push, they will cave.

I really don’t understand what these authors are trying to achieve… how is that beneficial to them?

One of them is using the title Ragtime on several of their corporate tracks… why? how does that do any good?

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I have a few ragtime tracks myself and those corporate stowaways are actually pushing my items down and away. What’s worse: they DO sell…

There are also users that plague totally foreign categories (comedy, detectivesque, circus, you name it) with Ukulele/Whistle tracks after they can’t sell under their proper name (Happy Fun Bla Bla Bla) anymore.

Let alone the ambient category that’s been completely parasitized, @Manriquedelara sure knows about that.

Ethics of Audiojunglism.