Audiojungle Quantity over Quality?


As a Audiojungle customer I must say: The quality of the tracks has decreased a lot over the years.

I am currently searching for the right track for my next commercial video and I listened to maybe… 300 tracks?
230 of them sound like the typical “motivational corporate”, which we all know.

I found this track after years of research:
Respect to the author & creator! Now my problem is, that I don’t like some elements of this track (my personal taste). So I started to search for a similiar style and different approach. Well I found… nothing. I will dig deeper, but come on, why is every one doing the “corporate motivational uplift success” stuff?


As a temopral solution i might suggest you to look in different categories, just exclude corporate genre from your search request.


I actually checked many categories. I know I will find the right track, because there are many excellent creators on audiojungle. It was just a critique in general.


Hi friend,
It’s both of them. Good luck. :smiley:


Most of the authors look only at the best selling tunes and hope to win in the lottery that gives you thousands of sales in a few months. The problem is that of the thousands of tunes, only a couple “make it”, which leads into this phenomenon.

I don’t know if there can be any solution, it’s how human psychology works.


Actually yesterday i’ve decided to stop making “typical” corporate tracks anymore and decided to focus on abstract ambient/creative cinematic (not epic) genres to find my own unique niche. I even deleted most mediocre corporate tracks from my portfolio. I hope it will bring me more success in the long run.


At the one side, envato could regulate it by having more strict rules about the content. So the reviewers will reject more of the typical stuff.

In my opinion, also from expierence, unique content will more likely become a bestseller than a copy of a bestseller. Why bothering with copies, when you can get the bestseller for the same price?


Actually, if you check the past best sellers, very few of them are unique. Sadly - it is also that customers tend to look for that trending sound


Agreed, that’s why so many people tried to make similar sounds and compositions over and over. If AJ tried to rise up the quality then $19 price for 2 minutes track is not relevant anymore. :slight_smile:


Hello :slight_smile: I’d like to add some words. You’re right that we, as Audiojungle authors, should compose something unique. At the other side , maybe it’s not the best word. customers force us to compose in a typical way. Almost every author here has boring typical corporate tracks in portfolio. Why? Because they sell them. They have some nice, steady sells every month so why should they change it ? I strongly believe that many Audiojungle authors have great imagination and composing skills and if we can compose what we have in our heads there will be many amazing, original and unique compositions here…but… Dear customers will you buy it ? Dear Envato will you approve it? That’s the point.

Btw. Hope you find something suitable for your video :slight_smile: All the best !


I think authors can create some unique stuff,but I’m afraid that it won’t go in mass production like this experiments with fashion,cause…you know…we (men) all prefer to have blue\black jeans instead of purple skirt :slight_smile:
It’s always a compromise between uniqueness and commercial potential


Excellent analogy


I think creators should create what they wish, what really seems to be the problem to me is that audiojungle doesn’t give you alternative ways to find music. Everything is driven by the “most popular”, “trendind” etc. Which is fine most of the time, but why isn’t there also something more sophisticated and “underground”…


Other RF libraries are already reviewing submissions based on their genre. Would be a wise step for envato if they want to diversify audiojungles content. I mean there are already more than enough corporate soundalike alternatives available on this marketplace.


I have the same opinion. Finding the right track on AJ System is hell and also you are only able to find bestsellers.
This whole thing made me buy a track from the competition! I payed 49$ rather than 19$, just because I could find, what I was looking for.


I see that Dirk Weltermann is parading about again!


Increased the number of authors and increased competition! To compete, authors need to write a lot, because of this and the quality suffers. Why don’t you contact the author of the music that you like? Maybe he can fix what you do not like


The answer is simple and already discussed above. All we need is more precise search on AJ which includes search in description and tags.


I think i know the marketplace that you bought the item, they have really good items because they curated the music very well. That’s the price you need to pay. If you need high quality music and easy to find, just buy music with higher price. Many AJ tracks have the same quality with that marketplace, but surely you need more efforts to find them. :wink:


You are absolutely right. Uniqueness became the victim of commercial ordinariness.