Musical trends on Audiojungle


Friends, before I started working on audiojungle I read that there are trends, like in any other media industry. Now in the top selling corporate music, but as you know trends are not eternal, what do you think what to expect in the top selling this year? Will there corporate tracks or something new?


I think avantgarde jazz will be the next, big thing this summer. Remember, you heard it from me first :wink:


etno death-metal dubstep…
the new bestseller!


That’s good as I have literally just uploaded a Jazz ident - true!


Then you might as well delete the rest of your portfolio, because that Jazz Ident is gonna be a huge hit.


It will be so huge that I will only need this in my portfolio.


Damn it! My producer promised that the trend will be Russian folk, why I bought a balalaika???


Muted balalaika with delay never goes out of style!


Sure! Actually, the balalaika can be a good alternative to muted guitars and ukulele. Thanks bro, today I go to record!!! :slight_smile:


Epicorpolele will be super hot!!! But seriously, that corporate trend won’t last forever, but I fear it will still drag many other years…


“Corporate” is not a trend, it’s a fallback strategy for buyers who don’t know what else to look for. In ten years from now, if AJ still carries the flag, the search term “corporate” will probably still carry good numbers, but the sound of the resulting playlist may be a lot different. It will evolve, slowly, insecurely, by adding elements from current mainstream over time. U2 and Coldplay guitars will eventually have to give in to the proven sounds of the next generation.

This may come out a bit over the top, but I believe that if you listen to what’s on the billboard charts right now, and upload nicely crafted background music that smells of THAT, it will sell, and sell, and sell. Sooner or later. Why are “epicorpolele” (nice word Nonzerobot) tracks selling most on AJ right now? Because they exist. AJ authors are experts in these genres. They sound good to buyers (most of the time). If they weren’t experts when they came here, they studied and they learned. It’s a copy paste formula that has it’s obvious benefits. Feel free to be hypnotised by it. But charting on the top for years in a row doesn’t mean a new record selling sound isn’t around the corner. My high riding theory is that if you can churn out Adele, Rihanna and Bieber sounding tracks with the same proficiency, you’re totally going to smash the sales of the average “epicorpolele” grunt worker. Expensive production? Not really. Steep learning curve? Not so much steeper than the path towards outperforming the top “current trend” sellers in here. Not if you put your mind and time to it. Seize the future. Don’t be the next Phil Spector if you can just as well be the next Max Martin. Right?

Feel free to prove me wrong :sunglasses:


I guess you’re right that the «corporate» category will evolve over time. I just find the mutation quite slow. But keeping antennas up high to have a chance to catch the new selling vibes in time sure is a good idea. :slight_smile:


This year is all about sea shanty punk.


epicorpolele… lol