Aggregators (CD Baby, Distrokid, etc.) and their sync licensing.

Hi, I was wondering if someone have an experience with giving aggregators like Cd Baby, Tunecore, Distrokid, etc. all managing rights for sync licensing, cd sales, publishing administration, etc. Does it really work? Can they find clients for our work and extra cash? I’m asking about cinematic/game music but experience from other genres is welcome as well.

This place is good to mention that exclusive AJ profiles are allowed ONLY to use digital distribution, any other services like sync licensing via aggregators is forbidden.

i use cdbaby for my lullabies and i must say I’m extremely satisfied.
they are on all the imaginable platforms (spotify, youtube, amazon, deezer, and many more) and cdbaby works as charm in managing everything.

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@bosone thanks for the answer. I know their digital distribution is great but have you used their sync licensing service?

yes, i got also some royalties but not so much compared to the others.