Preferred medium for iTunes (and other) distribution?

Curious to learn your preferred medium for iTunes distribution (as well as other markets and streaming networks)…and why do you prefer it?

(CD Baby, ReverbNation, etc…?)

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Anybody? :laughing:

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I use DistroKid.

iTunes sometimes within an hour or two. Spotify within two days to a week. Optional YouTube and YouTube ContentID (I use AdRev instead).

Fixed price for unlimited singles (otherwise you’ll be living on the street if you release 100 singles)! Extra for Shazam. Works great. Pretty good stats - daily iTunes and Spotify stats, the rest take a while.

I used CDBaby for my lullaby CD and I’m very happy about the service.
started in 2011 (i think) and still working like charm without paying anything more

the best placements are on spotify and itunes but cdbaby handles every digital distribution (itunes music, amazon, google, deezer, etc).

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Thanks, @Flumen and @bosone. Really helpful.

Some others I’d like to hear from that I know are on iTunes and Spotify: @pinkzebra, @benjijackson, @BlueFoxMusic, @TimMcMorris, @Alumo?

I’ve been happy with TuneCore.


I’m with TuneCore also and very happy with their service.


Tunecore is really expensive. Distrokid is what I use. very fast and cheap.

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I’ve been using CD Baby. It’s been working well so far. Didn’t know how well my stuff would sell, so I went with CD Baby, since they have a one-time-payment, as opposed to TuneCore’s yearly fee (last time I checked).

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Hi, send me a message and I can give you the best option possible…seriously :nerd:

Well let’s not keep it secret! as I own a recording label I have my own distribution system and there is only one price 5$/track per year and you keep 100% of royalties, as simple as that!

Distrokid is good, but I also use AMAdea Music. Both work great.

Thanks, everyone.

Thanks especially to @pinkzebra and @BlueFoxMusic for chiming in, as I asked them specifically for their preference.

So… looking into things. Hard to beat $20 a year for unlimited albums and songs with Distrokid.

And then there are these quotes on their site:

“DistroKid is simply the best distributor in the market.”
-Jeff Price, founder of TuneCore and Audiam (source)

“This is amazing. I’ll be sending everyone I know to DistroKid now.”

  • Derek Sivers, founder of CD Baby (source)

Thanks @Flumen, @KabbalisticVillage, and @SmartOwlMusic

Final question for Distrokid users: Is there any conflict if you’ve already had songs uploaded to AdRev ContentID? On Distrokid’s main page, they advertise they can “get you paid when other people use your music on YouTube.” Can I request they don’t do anything with YouTube so that I can continue to work through AdRev?

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That will unfortunately be quite expensive with 200 singles…

You just uncheck anything that has anything to do with YouTube and you’re fine. It can be added later if you change your mind. I use AdRev myself and skip DistroKid’s ContentID distribution.


When you upload a new track they give you a list of stores that they will be sending it to. I just uncheck Youtube music because i’m already on AdRev. No issues. And btw today i put up a new track…uploaded in the morning and it’s already on iTunes and Google play as of a couple of hours ago here in Israel.


@Flumen @KabbalisticVillage, I signed up and have a question…

I see two options: “YouTube Music” …and what they’re calling “YouTube Money,” which is basically allowing them to manage AdRev. But…what do you think about “YouTube Music?” Do you recommend having them add music to “YouTube Music” (I think YouTube calls it “Red”)?

I have my music with AdRev so I think it automatically goes to YT Red from there. I get paid from it each month but it’s only about 2% of the regular ad revenue.

You can always add single stores/YT Red afterwards, but the only way to remove just one of them seems to remove the track completely.

I love emuband… you pay a bit more per album then tunecore, but you pay only once… once its on, its forever… i think its a more humane and easy approach. Also very good service…