CD Baby Royalties and Sync licensing

Hi there!
I’m planning to release a few of my AJ tracks on CD baby.
I was wondering if I’m allowed to select “sync licensing” as an exclusive author.
Since I’m not registered with a P.R.O, should I go for the PRO publishing to collect streaming royalties? or is the standard publishing enough?

You can’t.

And you should register with PRO as author.

Thanks @RedOctopus,
Do you sell your music through CD Baby Pro? How was your experience?

Yep, but I had only uploaded there few tracks with game/cinematic music. Actually it is still more like a test than serious releases.

Today my EP has been released and it is the first time when I “checked” sync licensing (those are tracks which are not on AudiJungle). It’s another test, I do not believe in waterfall of licenses from that source.

I’m also releasing my music as a test.
Cool tracks there! Good luck!

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