Strategy on promoting your AJ music on YouTube, streaming it on Spotify, CID protection etc.

There were some conflicting answers on the topic of earning money from your AJ music outside of AJ. I have a simple plan and I’d love to know what’s possible and what is not :slight_smile: I’d love to find a balance between creating stock music and actually releasing some stuff on spotify for people to stream and enjoy without having to license it. And It’s great that Envato alows that.

I’ve also noticed that you can distribute music with CD Baby, but you need to avoid theit sync licensing option Quote: ‘‘For example, you may use CD Baby to distribute your music for personal listening via iTunes, but you may not opt-in to the CD Baby PRO or CD Baby Sync Licensing services.’’

Isn’t CDBaby’s sync licensing an option that gets your music fingerprinted with YouTube’s content ID? Much like AdRev… I’ve seen people protecting their music here on AJ with CID fingerprinting. Why is it not allowed in this case? If a track from my AJ portfolio is also on Itunes and Spotify, and someone buys it for 1.99 and uses it in his YouTube video that’s illegal, and I can’t find out about it or make any profit out of it. What’s with that? I’ve read that you can make slight variations in your streaming track so that it differs from one on AJ, but what does that do for me if it’s not part of YT’s Content ID. I would never find all of the illegal uses.

  • Another thing, If I want to promote my track in a YouTube video, with the description leading to my Audio Jungle site where people can buy the license, and also with links to spotify etc. for personal listening. Am I allowed to at least change the name of the track to something less generic in the title of the video, and also on Spotify?

Is there someone here who dived into these waters and has more knowledge, I’d love to hear it!

Thank you!



I don’t have the answer but I’m following in case someone has it. I asked somewhere if we could promote our AJ items on YouTube without the watermark and I was told we can’t, some however do it so I’m very confused as well :sweat_smile:

Hoping somebody can explain that or link to a topic we might have missed.

Uploading on YouTube without the watermark should be fine, with one exception. If the track is currently on your Exclusive account, you can’t upload it as Creative Commons, as that would breach your exclusivity.

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Interesting! Thank you :smiley: