content id registration,Please Help

I saw a option “Make money on YouTube” on CD BABY STANDARD Can I use it or not

Please tell its important for me :sweat:

On CD Baby i think you pay to sign your tracks, and its available only for United States, Canada and the United Kingdom, as writen below on you link

Many go with AdRev as myself too

I was go too but

After I submit my photo ID & My 6 tracks to AdRev

after 7 days they send me this message

Unfortunately, we are unable to work with your library. You may be able to find another YouTube aggregator in the list of companies below. Thank you.


Director of Artist Relations

CD Baby Pro is only available to residents of the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom.

Am I Right?

Post your tracks on Soundcloud so we can see what youve made

Personally i didnt had any problem with my submissions on AdRev

CD Baby Pro is only available to residents of the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom.

Am I Right?

Thats what i see

Can I send you privet message?

I didn’t know they had a review on AdRev, do they? O_O

Yes, Kurlykovs

I guess, I must have been lucky, because I uploaded all of my crap there and not one yet was rejected. But as well they all got accepted here, and that took me some work and a lot of rejections. So maybe that’s the reason.

Yes You Have Been Lucky :smiley:

If you sell music with Adrev, you can no longer be exclusive on AJ, correct?

Maybe we are not on the same page? I don’t sell it there, I just uploaded it so I could track and find my music on youtube, that you can do for sure no problems, even if you are exclusive.

AdRev is not music selling site?

It is a YouTube music Contend registration site,

Ooooohhh ok. I went to the Adrev website and for some reason I understood that THEY pay you out for music used on youtube. I’m confused haha.

I get it now. The money they would pay is from royalties from the videos that use your music, not the music itself.

Do you have your story about AdRev?:confused:

They do pay you for ads, if your music is being used illegally. Therefore the name Ad Revenue :slight_smile:

Thanks. Didn’t quite catch that haha. Sorry guys, still learning!

Why they not accept me

do you have any idea?:pensive:

No idea, post your music here, let us hear it? And as well shoot them an email, they are usually quick to answer, you won’t be waiting long. Communication is the key :smiley:
And good luck!

I did, but they not give any feedback yet

20 to 25 days goes,

but no reply.

Try again! :slight_smile: