CD Baby Licensing one of my tracks?!

Hi everyone,

I uploaded a youtube video of one of my tracks (to start promoting it there) and i received a copyright infringement notice saying that it was owned by CD Baby Sync Publishing - under a different name…

I’ve sent them an email to complain about the infringement of my copyright… just wondering if anyone else has experienced this?



This is why you should register your tracks with a ContentID partner (like AdRev) before making them public.

Anyone could have licensed (or ripped) your music, released it on CDBaby and is now collecting iTunes, Spotify and ContentID revenue - maybe even PRO royalties, though that would be more unlikely (and not related to ContentID).

Good luck!


Dude… register your tracks with AdRev, it’s standard nowadays, there’s no reason not to. Otherways somebody else might do it and get the money that belongs to you. I’m sure the one or another top seller on AJ who isn’t registered with AdRev has the same problem, without knowing.


Thanks guys! I’ve set up an adrev account now. Still gonna fight this cd baby thing too… Lets see if i get anywhere with that!