Help with re-distribution proposal request by a costumer

Hey guys!

A costumer just asked me to put a price for removing a track from my portfolio and giving him the rights and permission to re-distribute this music through platforms like TuneCore or CD-Baby, probably with lyrics over it.

The track has only 1 single sale so far so, in monetary terms, it sounds like a very tempting opportunity. However, it DOES have that sale and I definitely wouldn’t want me or the costumer to have any legal issues whatsoever that that single license sold could imply.

Also, is it even legal to re-distribute a tune whose authorship is not yours in these kind of platforms?

Thanks people! Hope you can help me out with this one!
Kindest regards,

Why would you want to do that? Unless your customer is offering a huge amount for it, I don’t see how it would be beneficial for you?

If you do go ahead with this, your previous customer needs to be protected from the AdRev claim and other complications that may come their way. Your buy-out customer must understand they cannot take away any rights granted by the license terms to the first customer.


Thanks for such a prompt reply, PurpleFog!

Well, actually, yes, the price we are negotiating is more than fair from my point of view. But that’s not the point that bugs me the most, it’s actually that the previous buyer (and eventually the new one and myself) could be involved in any kind of copyright/Ad-Rev infringement. Never happened to me, definitely wouldn’t want this to be the first time.

I’ll propose him to compose a paid-in-advance sound-a-like for a fair price, just as I do as a freelancer with other clients. If it works for him, great, if it doesn’t, great as well.

Thanks for the advice! Your opinion is always valuable!