Found one of my items being broadcasted in national prime time with STD license.

Hi guys!

First of all, please don’t crucify me for this but I don’t have my Audiojungle tracks registred in a PRO. I know it’s way important but the one I’m member of does not cover stock music and I haven’t found me the time to contact one that does so.

That said, today I came up with one of my tracks being broadcasted in prime time and, when I finally found the invoice, I confirmed it was purchased with a basic standard license. This happened to me once before and in both cases the customer’s account info is SUPER shady. Like a random name and adress. That last time I did opened a Support Ticket but I was told there’s nothing Envato could do, not even contact the client, so it didn’t help at all.

Have any of you been through this before? I already submitted a support ticket and contacted the enterprise that’s being advertised but I don’t have any further info about the buyer. @KingDog @BenLeong, do you have any idea who should I reach to find a solution?

Thank you so much guys! Cheers!


It happens a lot unfortunately.

  1. You can ask them to buy this track now with price three times higher. It’s a standard move, some may say you can ask even more. Usually clients are worried that someone found this illegal action and that you can go to court or even block their broadcast so they are eager to pay you such compensation. Usually it’s a kind of lack of the knowledge about licensing, though “ignorantia iuris nocet” and it’s unacceptable.

  2. Register yourtrack in PRO ASAP.

  3. I’m surprised that envato help support can’t contact with client directly. Are you sure you have asked them for this precisely?


Thanks, @RedOctopus!

  1. As I said, I’m not being able to contact the actual buyer as the info provided in the statement invoice is basically non-existent. Just a random nick and an unexisting adress. I did get in touch with the company that is being advertised, though, politely explaining the situation but they are unresponsive so far.

  2. I’m registring my track in my local PRO today, though they don’t deal with stock music. It’s better than nothing I guess but I deffo need to do my homework with BMI or other PROs out there.

  3. Well, the last time this happened to me Envato told me they wouldn’t take part in the case. So far they haven’t answered my support ticket either, nor I have news from the Community Marketing staff. Hope I get at least an answer anytime soon.

Thanks again! :slight_smile:

So do you have to register the individual tracks with PRS yourself?

AudioJungle doesn’t do it?

Mmm, sorry, didn’t quite understand that… if you mean if you have to register each individual track in your Audiojungle portfolio with your PRO, the answer would be yes, you have to do that process yourself.

I’m, as you can see by the topic, not versed at all in this matter so the more experienced authors might want to chime in in this regard.

Yeah that’s what I meant, PRS is the British PRO. :slight_smile:

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Hi @jamesgiroux!

I’m not really sure who to reach in this regard. Any guidance will be highly appreciated and it could certainly help the rest of the community going through a similar scenario! :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance!

But you know the brand. Try to contact with them using all possible contact forms, fb pages, etc. Some of them are more efficient than others. Or even you might have to contact with a higher level company which owns this and other brands. This is how we do this :slight_smile: and let us know about the progress!

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Count on that. Already registred the track at my PRO and tried to reach the brand through different contacts. Still no answers, but I’ll be sharing any progress in this topic. No replies from Envato either. :thinking:

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The license has just been upgraded from Standard to Broadcast 10 Million!

Now this was fast, which speaks amazingly well about the Restaurant that was being advertised. They themselves bought the license, not the agency (if there was one in the first place, maybe they kind of self produced the spot). Anyway, I’ll make sure I’ll go dinner there anytime soon!!! Hahaa! :slight_smile:

Extremely happy! Thank you so much @RedOctopus for your suggestions and your interest.

And guys: If you come across an issue like mine, don’t let go. With some luck and the right kind of people, you can eventually come to an agreement.

An additional note: this is a good example of why it’s crucial for our businesses to keep Broadcast licenses out from the Elements deal.


Shame… you could have got a lot of money using a lawyer. I got 30k once like this.

Glad to hear that. Congrats.

I hope that license had a nice healthy pricetag!

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Was the Broadcast 10 Million the correct license for them? Was it on national or regional TV?

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It was national but the population here is 3,5M. Small-towners. :slight_smile:

EDIT: Today I got an email from Will, from support, asking me for some additional details in order to contact the customer and try to come to an agreement. I told them the issue was already solved, but it’s good to know they had the will to reach the buyer.

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Please, tell us more about that situation :slight_smile:

Yeah, it would be very useful to tell us more about it. :slight_smile: @AVOCADO_SOUND

Thank you so much for truly a veritable knowldege.It really worked for me. The key idea behind it is pretty amazing and glad to know about it.

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