Four Music Broadcast Licenses (10 Million) for one track in a row from the same buyer.


I was very happy checking my earnings today. My track was sold 4 times in a row on big licenses, by one client! Is it possible? I’m afraid this is some bug / missclick. Did you have similar situations?

Thanks for answers.


Wow!!! Congrats!!! Never happen here :cry:!
I hope that it’s not a mistake!

Thank you. I’m kind of new author here and don’t have any item with more than 20 sales, so this is big for me.

I had similar situation but not 4 times, just twice.

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I had something similar happen for me a year or so ago (but only twice in a row for the one client). It wasn’t reversed so I assume they just wanted to use the track in more than one broadcast project.

Shame it doesn’t happen more often!

this happened something similar to me, but client bought twice the same track, I believe in order to cover more projects or something.

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Congrats! Take the money and run! I would also guess it’s a client who needs it for 4 different videos.


As others mentioned above, it’s probably a customer (an honest one!) that needs the track for 4 different projects. Happened to me a couple of times back in the good old days. Big congrats!


That’s a good client, and cause for celebration. Good for you. Congratulations!

Thank you very much for feedback! Earnings are still on my account so i think it was just 4 intentional purchases. Something like this is giving me a lot of motivation.



It happened to me last year. A single customer purchased the same track 5 times but in a standard license! I contact him to thank him, and he replied that he needed the same track for 5 different videos of the same product. So, try to contact your customer to thank him and happy spending…!

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I don’t believe it, now I have sold four times one of my item from the same buyer!!! :tada::tada::tada:
but only standard license :rofl::rofl::rofl:
Thanks Germany!!!

Take the money, disappear.
Also because now that Envato gives away to everybody our data, you could be kidnapped from some other person for a ransom. Thanks Envato. (Even cos 50% of customers put fake details in the billing).

Or, have kids, then everybody will know you don’t have a cent anymore ahahhaha


Thats great, congrats! :slight_smile:

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Zdarza się tak :wink:


This is great! :+1::sunglasses::wink: - CONGRATS! :beers:

I have purchased multiple broadcast licenses in the past for a single track because we may have used it in more than one commercial for the same brand. It’s definitely possible. But err on the side of caution.

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