Hi, I wanted to publish some of my albums via CdBaby. But I am concerned about personal listening policy. Can somebody explain me what exactly to do and what not to do on CdBaby to avoid problems with AJ? An exception from the AJ faq:

Authors may sell their exclusive or non-exclusive music for personal listening use via external services such as iTunes, Google Play, Amazon MP3, and similar personal listening platforms. You may work directly with these music platforms to distribute your music for personal listening use, or via appropriate aggregator services that assist with managing and delivering your content to one or more of these platforms.

Please note, some aggregator services such as CD Baby (and others) may offer to register your music with a performing rights organization (PRO) or even sell licenses to your music within their terms of agreement when you sign-up to allow them to distribute your music on your behalf. It is important to understand that:

  • If you use one of these services to register your music with a P.R.O., you must update your AudioJungle account with this P.R.O. information immediately. Please see this help article for more information and considerations before joining a P.R.O.
  • If you are an exclusive author, you must not opt-in to any music publishing/licensing services that these aggregators may offer.
  • You may not use any aggregators that require participation in these additional services.

For example, you may use CD Baby to distribute your music for personal listening via iTunes, but you may not opt-in to the CD Baby PRO or CD Baby Sync Licensing services.

You can distribute your music for listening, but not for sync licensing, as that would violate the terms of exclusivity on AJ.

I understand: sumarizing, you can have your songs in other platforms always for PERSONAL USE, when these platforms wants to sell licenses of your music, you must have NON EXCLUSIVE agreement with AJ. At the same time, when you become PRO for any reason, you have to inform to AJ.
please correct me if I’m wrong,. but I think that’s it :wink:
good luck

Yes, I understand that, but It’s a bit more complicated. I tried to create albums on CdBaby and there are different types of accounts, different type of licenses, downloads and physicals… I am little confused which account choose if there is someone who uses CdBaby I would appreciate his direct help :slight_smile:

Select the ‘Standard’ release option, and don’t opt in to any of the ‘Make money on YouTube, TV, Film’ options.

CD baby will take you on a step-by-step of each page. PM me if you’re still having trouble.


Thanks! I will definitely do that!