Again feedback flyer.

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Please feedback my flyer thanks.

Jeri, on several occasions, i spent a lot of time to let u know about what u are supposed to do, but it stands to evidence that u did not pay much attention about what i told u all these times … so next time, i may not answer your request to let u know how to improve unless u have a real change in what u usually offer people to comment in the first place …

let’s face it , u have been rushing to create new designs that are compiling all the same mistakes as usual … is there any improvement, according to u , as regard to hierarchy of information in what u have done here?! is there much work put into the background?! is there more depth into your design?! is the name of the club or the date being popping up to get noticed?! are there elements that insure that elements are mixing and create a decent/realistic composition?! do u think that u made any effort when it comes to choosing fonts and font pairings?!

i think u should go back to the basics and learn instead of rushing to create new things to potentially have items on sale, period …

i would recommend that u learn from shaw academy back to the basics and after if u can potentially do, just go through the advanced course as well, this is the best way to get your game to the next level, since it seems that u do not want to spend tome time to work on your flyers and skills by taking some time to combine fonts, elements, and so on together so that u end with something both harmonious, hierarchy sound and that is worked out enough to bring all what it takes to the table